Which Headboard Style to Choose for Your Bed

– Headboard: which style to choose?
– Which material for the headboard?
– Headboard: what price?

Adding a headboard to your sleeping set allows you to decorate and personalize your bedroom in an original way. But how to choose from the different range of headboards, from the soberest to the most sophisticated? Styles, materials, prices: here are a few tips to help you choose the right headboard.

Headboard: which style to choose?

Depending on your tastes, it is possible to choose a headboard to match your bedroom. The headboard can be stylish:

– contemporary: ideal for a teenager’s room or an adult’s room;
– design: with a clean, contemporary look;
– retro: for those nostalgic for the 60s and 70s;
– baroque: brings a stylish and original aspect to the room;
– Japanese: adds an exotic note to the room and is particularly suitable for Japanese bedding;
– marine: a style appreciated by lovers of the sea;
– colonial: which goes very well with the ethnic style;
– ethnic: for an invitation to travel;
– Moroccan: for a thriving Moorish atmosphere;
– Indian: plain or patterned, this style offers a refined decoration and brings a warm touch to the bedroom;
– Gustavian: for a romantic Swedish decoration, revisited while remaining in the spirit of the times;
– Period: from the Middle Ages to the end of the 19th century, period furniture can be Napoleonic style, Renaissance style and many others;
– rustic: ideal for a mountain or country spirit; this style combines simplicity and warmth.

For a children’s room, the headboard comes alive with bright colours and patterns representing the little cabbage patch’s fetish animals or the favourite heroes of little boys and girls.

Good to know: some headboard styles can be combined with any bedroom furniture. You should pay attention to the harmony of the room’s colours and the furnishings and the materials to avoid any lack of taste.

Which material for the headboard?

The headboards available on the bedding market are designed in one material or bi-material. It can be a wooden headboard for a natural charm. Different species are available such as pine, mahogany, beech, oak, bamboo, teak, etc.

The wood can be natural, patterned or unpatterned, lacquered, or matt to meet the diversity of consumer tastes in various colours. These can include:
– Rattan: available in various colours (white, black, brown, green, natural, etc.). The rattan headboard can be woven, wickerwork or clothed. It is perfect for refined and exotic decoration.
– Bamboo: for an exotic spirit, this type of headboard is appreciated for its originality and solidity.

Wood blends perfectly with other materials: Wood and fabric: the bi-material mix is perfect for furniture, curtains and trimmings. Wood and metal bring a Zen touch to the room. This combination of materials suits any furniture style, whether it is antique, modern, design or urban chic. The headboard can also be made of fabric or metal:

– The fabric can be used as upholstery or be placed directly on the headboard for a personalized interior design touch. It offers a wide choice of colours, patterns, laces, wefts and weaves.
– Metal offers a contemporary or retro style, with or without patterns, in various colours.

Whichever headboard you choose, it is not only a trendy decorative element but also increasingly popular wall protection.

Good to know: it is possible to find a headboard with integrated light, rhinestones and many other unique features.

Headboard: What price?

The price of a headboard varies according to:

– Dimensions: for a single bed, a double bed, an XXL bed, a high or low headboard;
– the manufacture: sober or sophisticated according to its equipment (light) or the inlays that can be added;
– the style.

It is possible to buy a headboard for less than $60 for a basic model, but the average price generally varies between $100 and $500. However, the price of a custom-made headboard made by a designer can be well over $1,000.

With a little imagination, the more creative can make their headboard from various materials, adapting the shape and colours to their preferences. For instance, an economical and ecological solution, especially if you opt for the trendy DIY (Do It Yourself), consists of using recycled materials or giving a second life to various objects destined to be thrown away.

Good to know: it’s best to compare prices in dedicated shops or on the Internet, and if necessary, ask for a quote when you opt for a custom-made headboard.

To go further in our future publications:

– Our new post will give you instructions on How to Make Your Bed Headboard.

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