Which Staircase to Choose for Your Dining Room



Depending on the space you have in your living room, you will not install the same type of staircase.

There are three types of a staircase and as many materials to choose from!

Choosing a staircase shape adapted to your interior

Straight staircase: for large rooms

The straight staircase is appreciated for its simplicity:

    – it connects two floors along a single axis;

    – it is easy to install;

    – However, it is a staircase that requires a lot of space because of its length;

    Therefore, it is more suitable for rooms with a large volume so as not to take up all the space.

Revolving staircase: ideal for small spaces

This type of staircase is chosen to optimise space:

    – it has one or two right angles;

    – the most common are:

        ◦ the 1/4 turn: featuring a single right angle, it forms a bend;

        ◦ the 2/4 turn: it has two right angles and follows the longevity of the wall;

        ◦ the half-turn: it is made up of two parts opposite each other and makes you make a half-turn at 90 °C;

    – it saves space as it does not go through your room;

    – it gives your interior a very designer look;

    – However, it is steeper and more challenging to climb, especially for children or the elderly.

Spiral staircase: space-saving and easy to install

The spiral staircase saves considerable space:

    – it is the easiest to install, as it does not need to be supported by a wall: it is a self-supporting staircase;

    – its diameter is about 1.60 m: it is the narrowest;

    – you can therefore install it in a narrow living room.

What material should I use for my living room staircase?

Wood for an individual staircase

Wood is a quality material:

    – it gives a classic, rustic style to your interior;

    – it allows for a specific personalisation of your living room because it can be stained or painted, for example;

    – some woods are more robust and durable than others: oak or beech, for example.

Please note: remember to vacuum regularly and possibly varnish the wood of your staircase for better longevity.

Steel: for a contemporary look


For a more design-oriented style, opt for a steel staircase:

    – this material is best suited for a spiral staircase;

    – It gives an impression of lightness in your interior;

    – treat your steel staircase against oxidation and rust, and it will last a lifetime.

Good to know: you can combine it with wood or glass.

Straight or curved stone staircase?

If your budget allows, opt for a stone or imitation stone staircase:

    – stone is more suitable for straight or curved staircases: a spiral staircase in stone is complicated and time-consuming to build;

    – it allows a perfect harmonisation if the floor of your room is made of stone or terracotta tiles;

    – stone has the advantage of being very solid and easy to clean;

    – However, as the structure must be made of concrete, the installation time is longer.

Steiner Spiral Stair Systems are a beautiful addition to any area, providing both elegance and usefulness at a great price if you are looking for staircase systems.

Their visual appeal complements both modern and period style settings in indoor and outdoor environments.

Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas on making your staircase look great! We are interested in your opinion! Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the section below.

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