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Great Ideas for Painting Children’s Rooms

Colours have the powers to heal, soothe and also agitate.”

Are you moving into a new home, having a new baby or are your kids bored with their rooms’ wall colours and want new ones? If yes, you must make the appropriate choice as colours have a profound impact on children.

Below you will find a list of colours from which you can choose for your kids’ bedrooms!

The Colour of Passion – Red

The colour red is a stimulating one that can energise the body and inspire a child’s mind. Numerous studies have shown that this colour can increase your heart and breathing rates. For instance, the positive red paint colour by Sherman Williams can inspire creativity and motivate children while the Bull’s Eye Red by Benjamin Moore can lift the mood of your child.

On the other hand, some research has shown that too much exposure to red can encourage aggressive and violent behaviours and lead to an inability to focus. Furthermore, it is recommended not to use this shade for a restless child’s room as it can make him or her even more anxious and restless.

The Colour of the Sky – Blue

Blue is the total opposite of red as the cool nature of blue is the polar opposite of the passion and excitement of red. Boys and girls alike can benefit from this comforting colour, evoking feelings of contentment and peace. It is noted that the colour blue can decrease feelings of anxiety and lower blood pressure, heart rate and slow the breathing of distressed people. It is an ideal colour for children with aggressive behaviours.

However, do not go overboard with the colour as it is seen that an excessive use of blue can have a depressing effect on a child. You can try to balance it with a more radiant colour like yellow.

The Colour of Sunshine – Yellow

Yellow Yellow, the dirty fellow!”

On the colour scale, yellow is the most joyful colour. It symbolises happiness, cheerfulness, kindness and wisdom. Yellow doesn’t have as intense an impact as red but has a more soothing and refreshing effect. Softer yellow hues can increase a child’s concentration while brighter tones can improve his or her memory.

Yellow can give a sunny day-like vibe to any room. But, keep in mind that if your child usually does everything to avoid bedtime, yellow-painted rooms can aggravate the matter. Why? Due to the daytime vibes, the child can become overexcited and challenging to control. Moreover, some studies have indicated that the extensive use of yellow can cause babies to cry more.

The Colour of Trees – Green

According to the psychology of colour, green is a soothing colour that represents health. It also symbolises peacefulness and tranquillity. Green colours with yellow hues tend to appear more elegant while those with blue tones evoke feelings of warmth. Like the green signals that mean “safe crossing”, this colour is the most relaxed and balanced hue available.

Many schools prefer to use green in classrooms as studies proved that this can improve children’s reading speed and comprehension. It is also used in nurseries to help babies fall asleep faster.

However, remember that the darker the shade, the gloomier the room can be. For instance, colours like pine green or forest green are a bit depressing and therefore should not be applied in kids’ rooms.

The Colour of Oranges – Orange

Orange is one of the most underused colours as many people are not aware that orange can improve communication and socialisation. It is noted that children who grew up and played in orange-painted rooms tend to be more extroverted and confident. Educational institutions apply orange colour in exams rooms as it helps to enhance students’ performance during exams.

The Colour of Lavender – Purple

Purple is a secondary colour made from a combination of blue and red. It is often associated with royalty and elegance, but it also represents creativity, wisdom and spirituality. Girls tend to be more fond of purple, but this colour can be used in the rooms of small children who are involved in creative and energetic activities.

Will you choose the vibrant red, shining yellow, cold blue or mint green? Please share your comments!

Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Spruce Up Your Patio

Patio is a Spanish word meaning courtyard or back garden. A patio is different from a patio in that it is not surrounded by walls. The idea of the patio has evolved with time. In today’s world the patio resembles a deck, but unlike a deck it can be attached or detached from the house. Patios can be of any shape and size depending on the design. A patio is built either on a concrete slab or a sand and pebble base. It can be built from a variety of materials like concrete, gravel, paving tiles, stones and brick. Being at ground level or a little above ground level most patios do not require railings.

Having a patio in the backyard of your house is a must as it increases the value of the landscape.

When guests visit your house, the first thing they notice is the patio, or the porch, the open and welcoming nature of a patio to the guests, is a good indication of how the owner of the house receives or welcomes his guests. The following ways are easy and inexpensive to spruce up your Patio.

Decide on the Color Scheme

Before you start a patio project, ensure to decide on your best and inspirational color scheme that will suit the project. You can select a color based on the item you already own, or you can purchase a color scheme based on your choice for the patio. It is more rewarding to select your color ahead of time before creating a plan for the patio. If you are unsure of what color scheme to pick, you can draw your inspiration from items like planters, rugs, patio furniture, or you can ask a friend to choose for you.

Define the Seating area

When designing a new look for your Patio, an area of concern you should consider is the seating area. The seating area has to be well planned, and you must ensure you introduce some unique and exciting things visitor or guest can sit and relax on. They don’t have to be costly and extravagant things. Things like benches, stools; old kitchen chairs crates, barrels, rocking chair, and Porch swing. Include some tables whether it is a coffee table, Patio table, or a repurposed stool. A table where your guests can seat and enjoy a drink or coffee is a welcome gesture.

Consider Flooring

Flooring is another great way to spruce up your patio. It helps keep the floor of the patio neat and clean. It makes a big difference if you decide to add an outdoor rug to give it an additional color and texture to keep it from looking too plain. You can also choose to use outdoor carpeting on the concrete floors to add color and texture to the floor of the patio.

Add Some Plant Life

Once you are done with the seating, color scheme, and flooring, start adding plants and other natural essentials. Nature and Plant life make a patio inviting and welcoming. Use Your Planters to add plants to a patio. You can purchase planters to match the color scheme of the patio if you do not already have planters of matching colors that you can repurpose. Then, select plants that can add something extraordinary and exceptional to the overall appearance of the patio.

Adding waterworks and other special touches

Adding even a simple fountain to your patio can add more beauty to your patio. It makes the whole environment serene, peaceful; it can be relaxing when listening to the sound of the running water. Some items like Throw Pillows, Candles, Garden décor and Door wreath can be ideal for decorating your patio.

Repurposing items are the easiest way to spruce up your patio. Some people may be lucky to own everything they need for their patio, but others have to purchase most of the items they require. Many stores sell patio and outdoor items where you can buy your items.

Inspirational Touch to Your Home Decorations – Part 2

“Every homeowner wants peace and harmony in their house and Buddhist-inspired home décors will reflect a person’s spirituality and bring a positive flow of energy in a house.”

Are you a religious person looking for some inspirational religious decorations? If yes, here’s some suggestions!

Buddhism Home Decorations

#1. Buddha Statue

Peace. Every person wants to have peace in their household and Buddha statues are one of the icons which represent peace and harmony. Nowadays, Buddha statues have become very popular home décor elements, however, there are some dos and don’ts while placing these in your home.

  • At the Entrance:

One should always place a Buddha statue at the entrance of a home. When facing the front door, it will attract positive energy and allow ‘chi’ to flow freely. What is chi? It refers to the energy of life which consists of an equilibrium between Yin and Yang. Usually, the type of statue chosen is the pose of Buddha seated with a hand raised as a blessing gesture and this represents two things. Firstly, it symbolizes protection as it repels negative evil forces and secondly keeps out fear and brings peace.

However, remember that you should never place the statue on the floor and instead, it should be set on a table.

  • In the living room:

The living room is where most people invite their family members, friends and guests. So, the living room needs to have a serene ambiance and this can only be achieved with a Buddha statue. For instance, it is recommended to use the Laughing Buddha in a living room.

The Laughing Buddha is called Ho Tai in Chinese. Actually, it does not represent the Gautama Buddha but rather a Chinese monk who lived over one thousand years ago. He was a jolly man who liked children a lot. Many said that he was the Eastern version of Santa Claus. Due to his benevolent nature, he was associated with Buddha and is therefore worshiped as one of the Seven Gods of Fortune in Japan.

The Ho Tai statue is said to bring wealth, prosperity and fortune to a house. It can also drive away your sadness and bring abundant joy to a household.

  • In the Study Area

In the 21st century, educational achievement is a must. Placing a Buddha statue in your child’s study room will bring positive energy and create a calm and soothing atmosphere. The presence of a Buddha statue on a desk or on a wall shelf will lower the level of stress and anxiety faced by children during the period of exams.

The Bhumisparsha Buddha statue is highly recommended in the study area of the house. It is a pose where Buddha sits with his left hand in his lap and his right hand in the earth touching gesture. This statue represents the moment of enlightenment of Buddha, when the demon Mara tried to distract and scare him, but he overcame the temptation and touched the ground to summon the goddess of the earth. This statue can be placed in a kid’s study room as it symbolises eternal knowledge and can help a child to achieve academic goals.

  • In the Kitchen

The kitchen is often a place where family members gather and sit together to have meals. So, this place needs some positive energy and placing a small Buddha Statue in any corner of the kitchen will bring spiritual and cosmic energy that can improve people’s quality of life.

  • In Prayer Room

For all those who have a prayer room in their homes, don’t forget the meditating Buddha statues!

Many of us pray to attain inner peace. A meditating Buddha statue can be paired with some candles or incense sticks to create the perfect atmosphere for a meditation or prayer.

  • In the Garden

Placing a Buddha statue in your garden will help create a relaxed atmosphere. However, you must always place the statue near a water body or flowering plants.

#2. Thangka Paintings

Thangka refers to a type of classical Buddhist painting that originated in Nepal during the 7th century. It usually consists of the painting of a Buddhist deity or mandala on a silk canvas and this painting can be placed anywhere in the house.

#3. Buddha Wall Art

Nowadays, there are many framed wall arts depicting Buddha which is printed on waterproof canvas and can be easily placed in the rooms of your house. These wall arts can energise the atmosphere and allow positive energy to flow in your home.

Buddhism is a non-theistic religion that depicts moral discipline and these Buddhist-inspired décor items can bring a change to your house. Do you believe in it? Will you let Gautama Buddha in your house? Please share your comments!

Art of Minimalism in Modern Day Decor

Minimalism”, sometimes also called “reductionism,” “literal art,” “rejection art,” or “ABC art,” was born from a wave of fantasy that swept the world, particularly the United States, in the 1960s. As its name suggests, Minimalism is art, in whatever form, that develops by minimizing any sign of individual expression. The term is often applied to the work of visual artists, composers, writers, playwrights, filmmakers, and choreographers, who seem to believe that “less is more.” Minimalists”, on the other hand, reduce the composition of all elements to their most basic forms, rejecting the need for social commentary or any other reference to history, politics, or religion.

A Modern Take On Soviet Minimalism In 3 Stylish Apartments

Today’s modern decor is made of simple and clean lines. It is less a matter of simple aesthetic value than of functionality.
The usefulness, practicality of the space, and decor make it aesthetically pleasing and not the other way around. Minimalism, from an art form, has now progressed to a lifestyle. A lifestyle that more and more people are adopting. You see, as soon as you de-clutter your home, you free it from all the tangible extra baggage; a certain feeling of “freedom” is felt on a very innate level. People tend to feel lighter on a very philosophical level. One solution for those who are looking to de-clutter their home is to get storage boxes. Today, there are many storage boxes available online. Therefore, it is advisable to buy such boxes that take up as little space as possible and reduce clutter. Indeed, it would help if you are looking for boxes that have several functions. Look for ways to perfectly integrate the storage boxes you buy with the rest of your minimal décor.

Here are a few things you can do to live more minimally and, by extension, happily


Minimalist Interior Design - Intro, Elements, Room Decor Ideas & More |  Spacejoy

1. Make it count-
Think of your home as a beautiful puzzle. Make sure that the decor is such that each product fits into it in a perfectly balanced way. Don’t let there be any extra pieces, no matter how beautiful. Anything that is not used to complete this puzzle is a piece that doesn’t count and should, therefore, be neglected.

2. Quality versus quantity
Instead, it would help if you had vital pieces that make a statement rather than multiple trinkets that make noise. Getting caught up in heavy trends may seem appealing at first, but in the long run, it’s just a waste. Instead, invest in timeless decorating products. For example, among all the possibilities of online storage boxes, it is advisable to buy vintage storage boxes rather than many other decorative boxes. This will ensure that your accents will look classy for many years to come. Don’t forget the principle of quality rather than quantity to keep your decoration cleaner and less bulky.

3. Left door at the entrance, right door at the exit
Often, we are so caught up in the urge to buy all the pretty things we can get our hands on that we forget that we already have many similar items. So it makes a lot of sense that we all follow a basic rule of thumb to let something go for every new thing we bring into our homes. This ensures that there is no “waste” as such in our homes. Things we haven’t used in ages, broken decorative accents that we can’t seem to let go of, etc., should all be thrown out to make room for new and better things.

4. Small steps count –
If you are skeptical about modern decoration with its minimalist values but still want to introduce it into your life, it is best to slowly get used to it. A sudden and complete plunge is not always a good omen for all the new things in life. Taking small steps towards a unique philosophy is a sure way to stick with it for longer. This way, you can pay attention to details and slowly but surely get used to a new lifestyle. You will soon realize a lifestyle will de-clutter your life both figuratively and literally, allowing you to have more precise ideas and a cleaner space!