6 Home Door Decorations to Bring You Good Luck

Decorating the front door of your home has its visual benefits, but with the right tips you can also attract good luck. If you want to attract good luck, you can start by hanging charms on your front door.

Whether you are superstitious or not, you can decorate the entrance to your home to attract good luck. But what kind of charms should you hang on your front door? Read on to find out what wellness experts recommend placing on your doorstep to attract good luck.

Ideas for Decorating Your Front Door to Attract Good Luck

You may have heard that blowing cinnamon on your front door at the beginning of the month is a spiritual way to promote positive beginnings. But there are some design choices you can try at any time of the calendar. These front door decorating ideas can help:

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1.Hang a Huayruro

One of the most famous talismans in some countries is the huayruro. It is a seed about the size of a bean, but red and black in colour. It comes from a plant called Ormosia coccinea, which has been used since Inca times and usually grows in humid tropical areas such as the Amazon.

Incorporating this element into the front door of your home can attract good luck and ward off negative energies (envy and jealousy). Best of all, many artisans work with these seeds, so you can find them in different forms, such as key rings, earrings, bracelets, etc.

2.Installing a Wind Chime

In Feng Shui teachings, wind chimes are admired for their ability to attract ‘chi’ into the home, which means they are highly valued by members of the spirit world. In addition, the sound they make attracts new energy and vibrations.

When hanging wind chimes, it is important to place a mirror in front of the front door when it is opened. This will help to reflect bad chi and allow only positive chi to enter. There are many shapes, styles and colours of wind chimes, but all create positive energy that will bring good things to you and your home.

3.Find a Lemon Tree

It’s easy to see the appeal of a lemon tree, with its elusive aesthetic and citrus scent. This plant is a welcome addition to any patio or balcony, but it is more than just attractive. The lemon tree is a powerful plant that symbolises fertility, prosperity and good health.

Putting a lemon tree outside your door invites positivity in. As well as good luck, you can enjoy its fragrant flowers and fresh lemons, which you can add to your urban organic garden.

4.Putting up White Lights

White lights are not just for the festive season, they can also help bring good luck into your home. According to Feng Shui principles, decorating the front door with white lights attracts prosperity.

You can surround your door with white lights to light the way into your home. The meaning of this decoration is to attract new opportunities and prosperity to everyone inside the house.

5.Place the Lucky Bamboo

Almost all natural plants have the ability to improve your wellbeing in one way or another, but (perhaps) none more so than the Lucky Bamboo. This auspicious plant from Chinese culture is very popular among wellness experts, who recommend placing one by your front door for good luck.

You can then add a potted bamboo to attract good luck and prosperity. If you need another reason to bring this powerful plant into your home, know that it is beautiful and easy to care for.

6.Add Bells

Bells are known to bring good luck to your home, and for good reason. Their sound is said to ward off evil spirits or bad vibes and bring good luck to those who live in your home.

Therefore, hanging them on your door as a protective talisman will help protect you from evil spirits. If bells are not an option, wind chimes are good because, as we mentioned, they awaken energy and attract good luck.

These ideas for decorating your front door will attract good luck into your home! Choose a good-luck charm to decorate the front door of your home. Thank you for reading!

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