How to Make Your Bed Headboard (Part 2)

This post is a continuation from part 1 on How to Make Your Own Bed Headboard. Lately, we have gone through Case 1: Creating a headboard with boards.

We will now cover:

 – Case 2: creating a headboard from a plywood panel

 – Case 3: Creating a headboard with masking tape

Paint or stain the headboard.

– Sand the headboard with fine sandpaper and dust it off.

– Using a roller or a wide, flat brush, paint the finished headboard to your liking: use acrylic paint or stain, depending on the desired effect.

Note: If you want to paint the boards in different colours to create stripes, it is more practical to do so before assembly.

Case 2: creating a headboard from a plywood panel

Transform a simple plywood panel into a personalized headboard as you wish. One person is sufficient for this technique and no previous DIY skills are required.

Materials required

To make a headboard from a plywood panel, get:

– a plywood panel the width of your bed + 10 cm at least, and 10 mm thick;

– a paint roller;

– paint;

– masking tape if necessary.

Have a panel cut to size

– The width of your panel should be at least the width of your bed + 10 cm, i.e. 150 cm minimum for a 140 cm bed. However, nothing prevents you from having a wider panel cut if you wish to have the headboard overhang on each side of the bed.

– The height of the panel depends on the height of your bed and the effect you want to achieve: measure the height of the bed (including the mattress) and add the desired visible height for your headboard: a typical total height is about 1.10 m.

Paint the panel

– Using acrylic paint and a roller, for example, paint in a solid colour that contrasts with the colour of the wall. If you wish, you can add a decorative sticker or write a message using adhesive letters.

– Or paint wide horizontal or vertical stripes that can be of different widths. In this case, use masking tape to achieve perfectly straight lines.

Case 3: Creating a headboard with masking tape

If you have neither time nor taste for DIY, improvise a headboard using masking tape, a sticky, repositionable, streak-free non-woven tape.

Let your imagination run wild, all kinds of fantasies are allowed, for example:

– Using pieces of masking tape, draw the silhouette of a city behind your bed.

– Or make a rectangular frame and fill it with lengths of masking tape that are crossed at an angle.

Good job! Now you are done. Remember to share your experience in the comment section below.

To go further in our future publications:

– You can also create an upholstered headboard. Practical advice will follow in our next post.
– The headboard can also be a natural decorative element. Our page will look at the contemporary decoration trend.

Which Headboard Style to Choose for Your Bed

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