Details, consistently declare that the newest Honda CRX is actually captured another day

Details, consistently declare that the newest Honda CRX is actually captured another day

Ideas, and say that the auto is caught immediately following Reiser kept the auto. This can be further evidence, you to definitely Reiser slept on the vehicle straight away and this police seen so it.

In the event the Reiser kept the automobile another early morning immediately following sleep during the they, what exactly are we and make of one’s account regarding him making the automobile, speaking-to a taxi rider following sprinting upwards Shepherd Canyon Path (1st said once the Snake Boulevard) you to definitely night?

Basic, new entrances so you can Shepherd Canyon Street is focused on 50 % of a distance from which Reiser is actually parked. It is unsure exactly how the guy extends to Shepherd todellinen Hongkongin treffisivusto Canyon Roadway (otherwise Snake Boulevard) without being noticed.

Third, it absolutely was black. Therefore, the latest label associated with the person, because Reiser, is quite suspect. As well as, the latest cab and sprinter incidents, may have been fabricated to attract unwanted police eyes away from seeing just what Reiser involved.

4th, the authorities thought it wanted to “buttress” its updates that have an experience exactly who you’ll, otherwise may well not, have experienced Reiser powering up Shepherd Canyon Street, thereon night, or the evening ahead of, or even the night shortly after, and/or evening following. As to why did it bother with that it worthless witness, Goli Fahid, after all?

Tue 2006-09-19: From inside the a cable tv-tapped label, Hans asks their mommy to meet up with your from the Mormon Temple (4770 Lincoln Ave, Oakland), claiming, “I would like to correspond with your regarding some thing.” A couple of things to notice:

Shortly after, showering and having morning meal (possibly at club), Reiser production to discover the CRX features vanished

Predicated on police, Hans spent the evening at his mom’s household. Very, just why is it must phone their mom from the Mormon Forehead and you may strategy a meeting truth be told there, so you’re able to express exactly what he’s to your his notice? Why failed to he simply do this as he woke right up?

Placing it quite in a different way; Why would he walking (Hans no longer has actually transport) regarding their mother’s family on the Mormon Forehead, and then make a call so you’re able to his mother, inquiring their unique to meet your at forehead, so as that he can talk to her?

Second, law enforcement never had intimate sufficient to anyone “sprinting right up Shepherd Canyon Street,” to catch your

To the back into their mom’s home, police surveillance from Reiser would have resumed. The authorities could have spotted him around and might have said this. Simply because they have not done this, there clearly was really serious doubt which he ended up being there one evening.

Maybe, the guy accounts it missing. At some point he strolls the three/cuatro regarding a distance towards the Mormon Temple, that he calls their mom to select him upwards, enjoys a cam and most likely drive him elsewhere. Law enforcement is actually suspiciously quiet on what happens this very day.

The contents of the fresh new Honda CRX was considered to be: a spare tire, a jack, a lying wallet stuffsack, black colored vinyl trashbags, hiding recording, store towels, an outlet set, one or two instructions, an outdoor camping tent, a map regarding Stockton, an atlas from Northern California, gowns, flyers off accommodations storage place in Manteca, an excellent U-Carry you to-ways Manteca-to-Oakland rental arrangement, the new site visitors solution away from Sept. several, receipts (regarding Kragen, Address, etc.) and 4 chair screws.

A lying handbag stuffsack, a hiking tent, but no sleep handbag? It’s now well-known one to Reiser got sleeping in the the brand new Honda CRX, however one press statement says a sleeping purse in the auto. Maybe not one report, made societal by court, states a lying bag on car. Do you really thought they likely that there is certainly no resting purse throughout the automobile, or do you really believe you to push and you can police possess on purpose were unsuccessful to mention which?

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