Home Interiors Trends For 2022


Everyone is taking new year resolutions -new year, new you—and a new home to go with it? We can’t help but wonder what the next 12 months will bring as we approach 2022. And, since we’ve been spending so much time at home, we’ve been considering how to keep our spaces up to date with the current trends. Keeping up with the latest fashions may be a breath of new air, even though our quarters are designed to represent our preferences.


Home Interiors Trends For 2022

Home Interiors Trends For 2022

Unfortunately, this is not about your favourite chocolate bar; we will embrace the chocolate hues in 2022. There are a lot of people who are opting for chocolate hues for their interiors. There is a range of options, from paint to furniture or even pillows. There was a time where gray was in vogue, but the fact that gray is a little bit more on the flashy part, some people want to go with chocolate tones that feel more convivial while giving a peaceful vibe.

As many people were opting for gray in 2021, as it is a safe pick, which goes with almost every other colour, we see every shade of gray when visiting our relatives. Opting for a chocolate shade will make you feel more unique.

Canopy Beds

This was predictable, we found them coming in from time to time in 2021, and I guess they will have a unique comeback in 2022. Apart from canopy beds, there are a lot of designs that will make their come back in 2022, and we are so thrilled that the canopy bed forms part of this.

Canopy beds represent 1600, as it was very famous then. Canopies are listed as ‘roofs’ and ‘chapel roofs’ in the inventories of Scottish nobility, and a ‘chapel bed’ was created for Anne of Denmark, James VI and I’s wife.


We are ditching the minimalism trend, hopping directly on the other side; maximalism. In 2021, minimalism was at the top of all interior designers’ picks. We won’t say that it isn’t popular now, but we have witnessed a sudden decline in minimalism interest, especially among designers.

Whether floral velvet, bullion fringe, or a 19th-century French Commode, maximalism is all about embracing the ‘extra’. Or all three at the same time! I believe richly hued palettes with layers of colour and texture will reign supreme in the new year. It has the feel of mohair and is a rich fabric with a delicate hand that creates a stunning texture.

Dark Kitchen

Home Interiors Trends For 2022

Home Interiors Trends For 2022

We have witnessed different types of kitchens during the last past years- flashy, dark, or moody colours; we have seen it all and guess what? Dark colours kitchen are coming back in style. It can also include all kinds of textures, from matte to shiny or bumpy.


I believe that mixing refurbished vintage treasures and historical furnishings into the home and introducing more bespoke furniture items will be the trend for distinguishing your home. As now everyone has access to the internet and Pinterest, it is nice seeing some furniture pieces you did not see online. You can contact local furniture makers to do something unique to reflect your identity.

A Serene Place

Covid-19 has brought families together, but sometimes we need a little break. What is more useful than a room for withdrawal, a room where you will be able to charge up? You can also dedicate this spare room to work from home to distinguish between home and work so that you don’t feel like you are working 24/7.

We must contemplate our home decoration as we will be spending most of our time inside. In the comments, let us know what you think about these trends for 2022…

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