Everything you need to know before building the house of your dreams.


We all dream of having a house of our own one day and it’s an exciting and unique journey that not a lot of us can. However, you should be conscious that building a house is not all fun and games, and there are many things to consider before the construction of said dream home. This process is not for the faint of heart or indecisive people; building a house involves making last-minute decisions and you need to be present for most of the construction process to make sure that you are getting the product you were advertised. Having said this, building a house can be much smoother if you have a plan and a team that you trust.



Before thinking of anything else, consider and ask yourself how much you can afford to spend on your new home. You should get an estimated price on how much the overall house will cost you, including material, labour, architect, down payments, etc. Building a house costs more than you think, and you should be prepared for that and you should also set aside some money for unforeseen costs that could arise during the construction process. Remember, your house should be your financial freedom and should not run you to the ground, nor should it make you file for bankruptcy.

Develop a Plan.


This is where I would advise to contact an expert unless you are already an architect or home designer. Proper planning allows you to be ahead of the game, almost like a horse in a race; you should follow your plan to the T unless something unexpected happens. With the architect, you can discuss the design of your home, its layout, the number of rooms, and any specifics you wish to add to your place. They will then make a map or a 3D rendition of your future home and you can then take this as a starting point for building your new place.



This is a make or break for your future home; choosing the perfect location for your home is as important as the design part. You will be living in that space for a long time and you should be aware of the things that are available near you prior to choosing the location. Think of how much time it will take you to commute to and from work, the type of neighbourhood you are moving in, the facilities (Grocery stores, school, leisure activities) that that space offers, among other things. You might tell yourself that a long walk to and from work or any other amenities seems tolerable, but this will change after a few days or weeks and you will curse your past self for making that decision. So, always consider where you will build your future home and be careful of the surrounding area.

Think green and resale sale

Okay, these are two things that most people don’t usually think about when building their homes. I’ll start with resale because most of you are more concerned about that. I know that you are building the house of your dreams, and most of you won’t even think of selling it, at least not anytime soon. However, the future is unpredictable and none of us have seen it unless you are an oracle and are the next Pythia or Nostradamus. With Covid-19 being an integral part of our reality, we never know what the next big virus can be and how that will affect our lives, so it’s always good to think about the resale value of your home even before you start building it.

Now about the environment, which I hope all of us are conscious of. It would be nice to consider your impact on earth and the carbon footprint of your house and try to minimize it. You can even cut down some cost especially if you are buying some of your material or furniture from local manufacturers. You can always think of installing solar panels to produce your own electricity and you can talk with your architect and ask them if they could place the windows in ways that would allow maximum sunlight during the day. This can also be great for the resale value of your home if you ever sell it, that is.

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