How To Care For Wooden Furniture?

Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is very pretty and improves the look of any room it is placed in. You’ve undoubtedly heard of certain popular wood types like teak and oak, but there are several other types that are less well-known, but equally as strong and beautiful as their more renowned counterparts.

Quality wood furniture may last a lifetime and is frequently passed down through numerous generations as a valued legacy. However, even the best wood is vulnerable to scratches and abrasions if it is not properly cared for. It’s always a good idea to ask for particular cleaning and care recommendations when buying furniture. We have listed below 6 top tips that would keep your furniture in the best state possible. Let’s dive right into it with our first tip:

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Wooden Furniture Requires Extra Care.

Dust regularly

Tiny particles, dust, and pollution will often deposit in thin layers on the surface of your furniture, damaging and scratching it. This residue also removes the natural luster of the wood, which can look off-putting, especially if you have guests coming over and you want to make a good impression. To avoid this, you should dust your furniture with a soft cloth on a regular basis. Gritty materials should not be used to dust surfaces since they might produce scratches.

To properly maintain waxed wood, you should apply a wax that does not contain silicone to the furniture twice a year. Maintaining painted wood, on the other hand, is as easy as it gets! Simply use a sponge soaked in soapy water and wipe with a soft cloth. Lacquered wood is beautiful and more luxurious. And to clean this indulgent wood, you need products that are equally indulgent: a chamois or a silk cloth, nothing else! Different kinds of wood will require different care regimes.

Some Other tips:

Tips For Your Wooden Furniture.

Tips For Your Wooden Furniture.

Don’t apply too much water to your wood furniture, since wood is usually ultra-absorbent unless previously treated! Use coasters on your coffee tables to avoid any splashes… and if there is one, wipe it up quickly! Use a blotter instead of a paper towel. Beware of alcohol, acetone, or oil, which can damage the finish.

Avoid placing them too close to a heat source, or putting hot objects on them, which could damage the finish of your furniture! Sunlight can also discolor your furniture, so make sure to avoid direct contact.

You should always make sure to clean up spilled drinks or sauces right away. And yet, sometimes your wooden table will still get stained. However, don’t worry, there is certainly a solution. To get rid of the stains, you need to know what caused them in the first place!

If it’s wine or even a greasy product, wipe it off immediately with a clean cloth before sprinkling flour or talcum powder on it for it to be absorbed. If it’s ink, simply pour baking soda powder over it, then rub it off with a cork. Finally, if candle wax has dripped onto your wood, then heat it up with a hairdryer so that it becomes liquid. All that’s left is to remove the mark with an absorbent cloth.

Taking care of your wood furniture is pretty easy, you only need to be careful and a little bit fast if you spill something. They can last a very long time, to a minimum of 20 years if well taken care of.

Whether it’s lighter-colored wood or richer deeper colors, wood can bring dignity and elegance to any area. And, when made by a talented artisan, a piece of furniture has limitless possibilities for design innovation to add to its visual appeal wherever you place it. Let us know in the comments down below if you have wooden furniture or considering some…

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  • bankim| 23 September 2021

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