Masculine Home Decor: Manly Home Decorating Ideas for Guys Living Single

Masculine Home Decor: Manly Home Decorating Ideas for Guys Living Single

In the world of home décor, I’m sure men will have difficulty understanding the terms “chintzy” or “pelmet.” They spend their whole time overthinking and end up wanting to return to that full-blown man cave.

We know how difficult it is to make sure you have an attractive yet manly space and this is why we’ve combined some useful tips to make your manhood shine.

#1. Masculine Decor Colours

Masculine Decor Colours

It’s easy to notice how the closet of most men is a sea of dismal neutrals or an ocean of blues. And, when it comes to bright and light colors like pink, I’d say they hold an unlikeable allure for them. I mean, you don’t really see men turning up at interviews in pink shirts and ties, don’t you?

Everyone knows when it comes to gender, not all colors are treated equally. Some might say people need to change their thinking, but history tells us that from the day babies are brought home and are cushioned in pink or blue blankets, the implications of gender and color are already made.

All this story to tell you that you won’t find shimmery or light colour palettes in a man’s space. More attention should be given to stronger and darker hues that reflect male promiscuity. (Not my claim, but that’s what the psychology of gender color says).

For the bedroom, you might opt for a masculine color palette ranging between classic neutral palettes such as black and white and moody hues of darker and warm colors, avoiding any bright shades of yellow and pink.

#2. Go Vintage

Go Vintage

I’ve always wondered how vintage style is perceived by men and I’ve found that there might be something classically appealing about this look that makes most men go crazy.

Vintage items are not really preferred by all because it is considered old fashioned. But, here’s the twist: vintage style has become the new norm in the men’s industry.

You don’t need to go whole the “vintage Americana” style to incorporate a vintage theme to your house. For instance, you can buy older desks, sofas, shelves, Ottomans, beds, dressers and tables that give off an old sentimental vibe. You can also consider antique decoration pieces and paintings to make the space more attractive.

#3. Always Consider Comfort

Always Consider Comfort

Here’s an insight into the brain of a man (well, at least a typical one): My sofa might be lacking in style but as long as it’s comfortable, it works perfectly for me.

Women always want to pull off that ultra-sophisticated and modern look, but what counts the most for men is not an attractive look but rather a comfortable space.

So, create a soothing environment with comfortable furniture, soft rugs and cushions and cozy floor pillows.

#4. Let the Light In

Let the Light In

You can’t let girls always think that most men like living like hermits and in a meth den.

Set the right mood by pouring light into the house. Not that I’m saying to flood your spaces with cheap Ikea lamps.

You can spruce up your room and bring an outside view in your space by making the right use of floor lights and recessed lights.

Trust me, it will get rid of the illusion of cramped space and liven your environment, one that you’ll be happy to show off.

#5. Masculine Textures

Masculine Textures

When it comes to decorating a manly space, textures play a huge, differentiating factor.

If you are unsure or confused about the choice of textures, here’s a guide:

  • Add vibes of strength, character and a masculine appeal to any space with dark and richly wood architectural features.
  • Any rugged materials like exposed brick walls can reflect a masculine appeal.
  • Another option for the perfect masculine decor aesthetic is corrugated metal.

#6. Display Your Interest

Display Your Interest

Don’t you think it’s essential to put your own personal stamp on your room?

The great thing about masculine décor is that you can even break some rules only to incorporate your interest and likes.

Say you are a book lover (which I’m sure most aren’t), you can never go wrong by displaying your whole Harry Potter Series.

If you follow the tips as mentioned above, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t have a decent and chic place for yourself.

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