Congratulations Newlyweds – How to Decorate Your First Home Together

How to Decorate Your First Home Together

Finally, you are Mr. and Mrs. Yippee!

Now, take the ultimate plunge and enter the world of the married.

Your first task: create the home design of your dreams, along with your partner.

Sounds fun? Frustrating?

Well, here are some tips to make the process more enjoyable and comfortable for newlyweds.

#1. Decide What You Like

Decide What You Like

Your first time decorating a house with your partner.

Your new house is going to be perfect. The experience will blossom with fun and romance. You and your partner are going to enjoy tackling setting up the house.

Well, when I look back, I remember walking that same path – until life throws a wrench in the situation.

I don’t mean to sound too petty, but even if you are made for each other, arguments are bound to happen, especially when it comes to combining each other’s interior design styles.

Which is why I’ll give you this advice: don’t be close-minded when your other half is sharing his or her sense of style.

Narrow down your tastes and explore the different aspects of your preferred styles.

Consider what both of you would like to add to the house.

Do you need a home office space? Does your sweetheart need a couch in the bedroom – intended for reading?

#2. Find Inspiration

Find Inspiration

Be honest with yourselves. If both of you have bad taste in design, change the trajectory and turn to magazines or the internet to get a better idea about interesting design elements and current trends.

And, when it comes to finding your design inspiration, there’s nothing I like more than wandering through the leaves of home shop catalogs and browsing through Pinterest.

#3. Set Your Budget

Set Your Budget

Suppose you’ve settled on a specific design style, even went furniture shopping, but then you went broke.

What now?

This is the worst possible scenario.

But good news: you can handle this only if you establish a budget and stay within its limits. It is always wise to start your home by making sure you can afford the style that you chose.

Don’t have enough money to fit in all the aesthetics elements? Again, you can handle it, if you both try to sort it out by looking out for thrift stores and opt for DIY projects.

#4. Shop Together

Shop Together


Usually, the response to this step is something along the lines of:

Um, better you go alone. I’m not used to shopping. I will get bored.”

Don’t even try to do that. Going home shopping can be stressful, especially when you go alone. But, when you have the support of your spouse, you will have stronger feelings about home décor.

The most special thing about this stage is the great bonding time. Just try to avoid those little arguments that can creep in. Remember, both of you have the same objective: to build a comfortable house together.

#5. Keep Memories Alive

Keep Memories Alive

When you walk through your door, you want to feel like this is your home.

Make it personal and intimate by adding personal touches that depict a part of you and your partner.

Suppose you first met your sweetheart in a cute cafe, bringing that cafe-like ambiance in your home will bring you closer to that first love experience and make the whole house look so much sweeter.

Displaying mementos or décor pieces that represent your couple can bring a great sense of comfortability and familiarity to your house.

If nature is the greatest witness of your love story, a tree patterned wallpaper, natural wood and fiber furniture and other hints of green through houseplants can bring that twist of nature in your house.

Go for your favorite things.

If she is a fan of the fragrance of the Paris romance, bring in your bedroom exposed brickwork, flowers of pink shades, a stunning headboard and soft furnishings in jewel tones of purple.

#6. Learn to Compromise

Learn to Compromise

You are more for the sleek, contemporary style with black décor while she or he is lured by everything yellow with a cottage flair.

Don’t try to use that excuse to start a fight out and instead think of a solution.

Compromise by incorporating a black artwork in a yellow backdrop.

I’d end this by saying that when you are setting up your new home, remember you are establishing your journey together. The house that both of you are designing represents the foundation of your happily-ever-after.

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