Surprise Your Mother With Great Mother’s Day Home Décor

A mother is the heart of the home.”

– Mother Theresa

Honestly, let’s face it: a house cannot function well even for one day without a mother. She is always the one who cleans and decorates the home. But, for Mother’s Day, she needs to be pampered and it will be up to you to take the responsibility of decorating the house to the nines.

#1. Wall Art

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Sometimes, don’t you feel like your interior spaces feel a little rough around the edges or seem a little unfinished? The odds are that there are too many white walls in the house. But there is one element that can spruce up your interior and make it feel complete: wall art!

If you are celebrating Mother’s Day at home, wall art is what will make the overall design perfect. It is like the icing on the cake that makes it taste so much better.

So, here are some ideas:

  • You can buy (or even create) some stickers, murals or decals with heart-touching messages or quotes for your mother. Besides, as they are very easy to put on walls, vinyl decals have rose in popularity.
  • You can go for your mother’s favorite movie posters.
  • You can also paint a portrait of your mother (only if you have artistic blood in your body) and hang it on the wall.
  • As many mothers are fans of flowers and floral decorations, you can opt for a floral wall art.

#2. Cushions and Throw Pillows

Colorful, Cushion, Decor, Decoration, Decorative, Design


Laundry goddess,

Clean up counselor,

Dishwasher diva,

Family manager,

Errand engineer

Sometimes, just watching your mother’s efforts and exertions to clean the house and keep it in good shape can make you feel so exhausted. So, why don’t you reduce her burden and decorate the living room by using a few colorful cushions and throw pillows? For example, you can spruce up her sofa with some floral throw pillows or with some cushion covers that consist of special Mother’s Day messages.

And, trust me, it is a sweet way to express your affection and gratitude for her.

#3. Balloon Decoration

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Show your mom you haven’t changed at all and that child who always wanted to make her happy is still inside you. So, send her down memory lane by creating beautiful balloon decorations, the same way that she used to do before for your birthday parties.

What you can do is to craft a gorgeous balloon arch or to decorate the ceiling with Helium ones. And, please do yourself a favor and buy an inexpensive balloon filler or balloon pump (it will save not only your breath but also your time).

#4. Flowers in Bottles

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Ok, it is not always easy to find the right gift for your mother (especially when you have to find a gift every year). But there’s one gift that never fails to bring a smile to her face: flowers (so typical, I know).

Show your mother how thoughtful you are by collecting some fresh flowers of her choice and place them into glass jars or bottles. To make them more elegant, you can tie the bottles together with a colorful string or a ribbon and put them on the dining table.

Here is some recommendation for the best flowers for Mother’s Day:

  • Carnations: Did you know that carnations represent purity, faith, love, beauty and charity? And coincidentally, these are the virtues of motherhood.
  • Tulips: These flowers come in different colors, but no matter what color you choose, I am sure it will definitely bring your mom lots of joy.
  • Orchid: Orchids can make an excellent arrangement for your mother.
  • Roses: The classic and traditional gifts for a mother.

#5. Scented Candles

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Put some scented candles in some glass jars and decorate them with glass or acrylic paint and ribbons and you will see how your mother won’t be able to get enough of them.

Plus, scented candles are that extra touch that can create a warm and relaxing atmosphere and add color and style to any space.

Will you follow these tips to create the perfect Mother’s Day? Please share your comments!

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