Mistakes to Avoid in the Placement of Refrigerators

You probably already know that you can save many euros if you buy a fridge or freezer with a low energy rating. But have you thought about where to put this technological wonder? The wrong location for your fridge or freezer can significantly increase your energy bills. Let’s get into it together!

Too Hot or Too Cold

Temperatures that are too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter can prevent your appliance from working correctly and even damage it. Avoid balconies, verandas, and terraces. Also, make sure that the device is not too close to heat sources such as stoves, cookers, radiators, and heaters.

Insufficient Ventilation

Make sure that heat released from the back of the fridge or freezer can easily escape. Never place a freestanding appliance flat against a wall; leave 8-10 cm of space average cost to cancel timeshare. This will result in better cooling performance and consequently lower energy costs.

Many fridges are equipped with a ‘spacer’. These ‘spacers’ act as a stopping point when placing the refrigerator. You can set the refrigerator against the wall so that the spacers touch the wall. In this way, there is still plenty of space at the back of the fridge.

Too Far Away From the Drawer

Make sure your appliance is close enough to a grounded outlet for a direct connection. Never use extension cords or a power strip. This is because many of them can’t handle continuous high currents, which can cause them to heat up and even catch fire.

Too Wet

Excessive humidity can cause electrical shocks and power outages. For this reason, place your fridge or freezer away from taps and not in damp areas. Avoid placing two appliances close together, as this dramatically increases the risk of condensation.

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Too Unstable

Make sure that the appliance is on a flat surface and in a level position. If possible, you can even adjust the footrests so that the machine tilts slightly backward. This will ensure that the door closes properly and avoid wasting energy.

Never Refrigerate Freshly Cooked Food

If you have just cooked food, be it soup, stew, etc., leave it at room temperature until it cools down and only puts it in the fridge or freezer. The reason is that if it is too hot, it heats the inside of the fridge, reducing efficiency, which according to some calculations, can affect up to 50% of the appliance’s consumption until the food reaches the ideal temperature.

Protect the Fridge From Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight, especially in summer, can negatively affect the consumption of this appliance. Even though its walls are designed to act as excellent thermal insulation, they force the device to work harder when overheated, affecting its energy efficiency. This means that the refrigerator’s consumption will increase by 15% due to incorrect positioning.

In addition, when the sun repeatedly hits the rubber doors, it dries them out, and they lose their elasticity until they crack, letting the cold out and moisture in, causing ice to form in the freezer. If you have no choice but to keep the fridge in the sun, at least cover the open part with a towel.

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Prevent Frost From Building Up In the Freezer

If you have a fridge that’s No Frost – which prevents ice from forming – then you shouldn’t worry about this point, but if not, you should always try to avoid ice build-up in the freezer that’s more than five millimeters thick. This is because the ice acts as a heat insulator, bringing the freezer temperature closer to the freezing point, which means it absorbs the cold and warms the environment. The increase in consumption due to ice formation can be 30% of the appliance’s consumption.

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