Tips To Help You Choose the Right Bed

On average, we spend a third of our lives sleeping in bed. Hence, a comfortable place to sleep is not an unnecessary luxury. However, there are many aspects that you have to take into account, and everyone is different, so the choice is not always easy. Before purchasing any bed, it is always better to research which one is right for you. This should certainly work with the following tips!

Which Bed Is Right for You?

Choosing a new bed starts with the type of bed. These days, it doesn’t have to consist of a bed frame and a loose mattress. Box springs are often chosen as a slightly more luxurious alternative, but you can, of course, also opt for a waterbed. This first choice is very personal. If you want to feel for the differences, try a bed in a shop that offers all the options.

How Big Should the Bed Be?

Since there’s nothing more annoying than having your legs sticking out of the way, a long bed is excellent. Many manufacturers offer beds up to 2.20 meters. Be sure to choose this, especially if you are over 1.85 meters. Those extra centimeters will give you much more comfort!

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Which Mattress Do You Choose?

Once you have chosen the bed base, the mattress is the next and also a crucial step. Which mattress suits you depends not only on your height or weight but also on your sleeping position, neck or back problems, and whether you feel too hot or too cold quickly.

Each type of mattress is slightly different. A cold foam mattress offers a high degree of flexibility and therefore provides good support for your body. It also absorbs moisture well. You can also choose a pocket-sprung mattress, where the springs move in a reciprocating motion to provide good support everywhere. This mattress is therefore suitable for any bodyweight. Or you might prefer a latex mattress, which is very durable but doesn’t provide much ventilation.

What Is the Bed For?

This may seem like a silly question because a bed is, of course, for sleeping. However, whether you sleep in it daily or sporadically can affect your choice of a new bed. Of course, you don’t need to invest a tremendous amount of money in a super luxurious bed that will last you a few nights a year. Alternatively, you could rent a bed.

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Space in the Room

When choosing a bed, you should, of course, consider the bedroom. Is it on the small side? Then it’s better to ignore beds with rather garish, oversized headboards or attached bedside tables. Measure the room and check where the power sockets are and how the doors open. Are you blessed with a large bedroom that fits your budget? Then it’s better to choose an extra-large bed that offers enough space and comfort.

Not only the size of the room is essential, but also the orientation. In some cases, it’s immediately apparent where the bed fits, but in larger rooms, there are often different options. Instinctively, we choose to put the bed against the wall because we like to lean against something when we want to read or watch TV, for example.

Think outside the box. A bed with a high headboard in the middle of the room works well in a spacious bedroom. To give the headboard support, you can place a few pillows against the headboard and divide the room into different sections thanks to the position.

TIP: Be sure to check that your new bed can easily fit over a staircase or window.

Do you have any other tips to share with us when it comes to choosing the ideal bed? Leave it down in the comments below!

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