Marble Countertops or Not? Five Advantages at a Glance!

Who doesn’t love the beautiful look of natural marble? Yet, many people are dubious about the care and maintenance that comes with marble countertops. Understandable, but not justified. Here are five compelling reasons why an authentic marble countertop is a perfect idea!

1) Impregnated Marble Outsmarts Stains

The biggest concern for buyers when choosing marble as a kitchen countertop is the potential for stains. Although marble may be more susceptible to stains from acidic foods and drinks (such as red wine, lemon or tomato sauce), good precautions can be taken. For example, impregnating the stone surface with a stain-resistant sealant fills the pores beneath the stone surface and slows the absorption of liquids. This means more time is available to remove spills on time, and acids are much less likely to leave mat stains. Impregnation does not prevent the attack of acids, but it slows it down and protects the natural stone from oil and other stains.

Your maintenance product supplier will provide you with the right advice and the right product to protect your marble from stains without changing the appearance of the stone. They will also be able to tell you whether this product will provide lifetime protection or whether the stone needs to be treated regularly to ensure a long-lasting beautiful result.

2) Each Slab is Unique

Some people prefer quartz countertops that look similar to marble, as they believe they will be easier to maintain. While a composite material may require less maintenance than marble, it will never have the depth, unique patterns or extensive colour palette of real marble. Besides, authentic natural stone gives you the option to choose your own 100% custom slab so that no other kitchen will be like yours.

3) Natural Stone Adds Value to Your Home

Natural stone countertops increase the value of your home and are attractive to potential buyers. Not only is natural stone aesthetically pleasing, but it also shows that you have invested in quality and care into your home.

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4) Polished Marble Is Just as Beautiful As Honed Marble, But Acid Stains Are Less Noticeable

Polished marble has a matte-gloss appearance due to the satin finish, while honed marble has more of a mirror effect. This means that a slice of lemon left on a marble surface for too long will be less noticeable on a honed surface than on a polished surface. The soft satin finish also often looks more modern than the glossy version, so it is a favourite for many.

5) Marble Is Naturally Heat Resistant

Marble naturally resists very high temperatures and is also more heat resistant than similar materials such as resin-bonded quartz countertops. This property makes marble an even better choice for places surrounded by fireplaces, ovens or cooking fires, such as cooking islands.

Not entirely convinced yet? Then ask your natural stone or kitchen supplier for a sample in your desired colour and put it through a few trials. Pour some lemonade on it, leave a coffee cup on it, throw a slice of tomato on it, test the sample (preferably impregnated) to see how it reacts. Better still, try a sample of both polished and honed marble to see the difference in performance.

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Always choose a natural stone depending on the environment or living space, lifestyle and personal taste or style. A good natural stone supplier will know all the stone types and recommend the suitable stone for the right environment. If you live around Oakleigh, Brighton and Bentleigh, you can have an extensive range of magnificent marble and granite slabs at Xinda Stone. Their team can help you achieve the product you want, be it for your home or commercial projects. Do not hesitate to contact them!

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