Take Full Advantage of These Small Empty Spaces in Your Home

Whether your house is very large or tiny, it is difficult to furnish and decorate every room without leaving empty corners. It may not be a question of high-end decoration, but these dead spaces are unattractive. This article brings you some ideas to decorate these corners and considerably improve your home interior. Find out how to do it!

When we start decorating our home, we don’t do it all at once. In fact, the experts’ recommendation is clear: it’s best to wait, live in the house, and decide how each space should look. What you need and what’s left. This process is never quick, and during this process, our opinion can change many times. And when we think that we have finished decorating our living room, bedroom, or children’s room, we realize that we are missing some empty corners that do not do anything good for our home’s overall look.

However, it’s not that difficult to fix the problem. Just look for original, practical, and decorative alternatives to give a special touch to these empty corners. That way, we can transform them into attractive spaces that will improve our home.

Elevate You Architectural Element

Sometimes corners remain empty because there are architectural or structural elements that make it difficult for us to furnish them properly. For instance, this is the case when a column or a pillar is badly placed, or a window is too close to a corner that makes it difficult to place the furniture.

However, there is always a special alternative to spice up these empty corners. The solution is to decorate them with plants to add a green and very attractive touch that is difficult to match.

A Breakfast Bar With a View

Do you need a good dose of energy to start the day? If so, this idea of reclaiming some extra space in your small house will help you. The idea is to create a breakfast bar in front of a window, where you can have a good coffee and enjoy the natural light and the view of the street. Can you think of a better way to go every morning?

You can get a very original corner: a practical bar using only a table and a few squares that serve as supports.

New Storage Space

Space is a very precious commodity, especially in small houses where every square centimeter must be used to the maximum. In these cases, the best idea to eliminate empty corners is to adapt practical and decorative storage solutions at the same time.

Besides, your corner units can not only offer solutions to store everything, but also to decorate and create style with some rustic or contemporary corner furniture. Just find the style that suits your home.

A Gallery Wall

Sometimes empty corners should not be furnished with functional pieces. At times, it is appropriate to create a decorative resource that fills the space in a special and original way.

The photo galleries on the wall are perfect to achieve this goal. And, those will bring a personal touch, totally unique, that you will appreciate in your home. Imagine how a soulless and bland corner could be with your favourite photos, the prints you like the most, an inspiring message or your children’s drawings.

A Café at Home

Okay, maybe not as big as your favourite café spot. But if you happen to be passionate about this amazing beverage, having a small space in the kitchen where you can place your coffee maker and enjoy your cup of latte in total peace and tranquility will be awesome.

Do you have any more tips on how to take advantage of a small empty space at home? Share them in the comments below.

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