5 Creative Ideas to Recycle Wine Bottles and Decorate Your Home

Each product you buy has a particular value for the container or receptacle it is in, which means that you pay for it as well. If you’re a wine or liquor lover, you can have an endless collection of bottles, and at some point, we’ll collect them in a bag or container to throw them away, but that’s almost like throwing money into the garbage. Instead of throwing away all those bottles you paid for, isn’t it better to try to be a little more productive and make some use of them?

We can do crafts using and recycling objects that we already have in our house and transform them to make something out of them for use or decoration. So we want to give you five ideas so you can stop throwing all the glass bottles in the garbage and make the best of them.

1) Vases

You’ve probably thought about it before and seen a lot of them in houses or even restaurants, but isn’t the idea fantastic? Vases, especially glasses, can be costly and fragile. Instead of spending every month on a new one because your children or someone else tripped on it, use the wine bottles to decorate that space, and you don’t have to spend anything, just the flowers and some materials to decorate it.

For example, you could buy foam or craft glue, and take out the shapes you want and then add or glue them to the bottle to make it look less flat and more decorative.

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2) Pedestals or Lamps

If you want to give your home a more romantic atmosphere and at the same time help the environment by saving energy, use all those accumulated bottles and make multiple lamps to distribute them in your home.

The easiest way to do them is to cut part of the bottle at the top or bottom (depending on the shape you want on the table) and prepare the glass in part exposed to prevent cuts and accidents. Then you can decorate it as you wish or keep it simple, light the candles in the place you want, put the bottle on top, and that’s it!

For lamps, the idea is similar. It would be best if you had wider bottles to have enough space to place the lamp.

Candle Centerpiece With Glass Whiskey Bottles and Colored Tiles - Moonshine  Lamp Company

3) Jars

In your home, it is often not very glamorous or decorative to have a plastic container in which you plant your plants. We’ve got a solution for that!

Wine bottles are unbelievable for planting small plants because just as they work as a pot for them, they save you the work of placing them in a window or in a specific space to water them.

Take the bottle and cut it into two parts; the narrower part is the shortest of the two. Prepare the glass to prevent cuts, and then you have to place the bottle’s spout in the other part. So it works like this: you put the plant in the widest part of the shortest piece, and the spout of the bottle works like a drain for the water that brings it to the next container, so you don’t wet the place where you place it.

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4) Decorations

If you are an artistic person, a lover of art and painting, consider using your skills to better use bottles.

As you know, paintings are not only displayed on an empty canvas. Therefore, we recommend you to take a bottle and start painting it as you wish. Imagine painting dozens of them around your house with different themes, painted with flowers, stars, people, giving life to your home.

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5) Glasses

In a house, glasses can’t be missing! The detail is that, as with vases, we tend to lose at least one of them now and then, and investing in replacing them over and over again increases costs, leaving us with no money to spend on more important things. So why don’t we modify the bottles and turn them into a glass tumbler for everyday use?

Take a rope and tie it to the bottle you want to cut; make sure you secure a good knot and remove it. Put it in a flammable liquid, don’t spray it, moisten the rope and then put it back in the bottle. Now with a lighter, turn the rope as you light it so that the fire is even; as soon as you hear a characteristic sound of something breaking, pour cold water on it and remove the rope or separate the two parts that should have remained. You can now enjoy a good beer in your DIY glass!

Recycled Wine Bottle Tumblers (set of 4)

Do you have any other ideas to re-use wine bottles? Share it with us in the comments below!

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