How Often Should I Paint My House?

Giving your house a new look is an exciting activity, as you transform the monotony into a new and different space to pass the time. Traditionally, one of the most helpful ideas to renovate the house is to paint it. Homeowners generally consider painting only when there is a special occasion just around the corner. But there is a discipline that you must follow, which is why it is important to understand how often you need to paint your house. The interior does not require painting as frequently as the exterior, requiring more frequent repairs due to weather conditions. Considering normal wear and tear, wall paints can last five or even ten years. Let’s learn more about the painting time for the different rooms in your dwelling!

It is recommended to re-paint 3-5 years to renew the colour of your house. If you’re remodelling your home or changing a room’s style, you may need to re-paint sooner. Depending on your lifestyle, family opinion, and activities, you may need to paint more often to keep your walls from looking dingy.

Certain areas of the home will need to re-paint more often than others. A classic example is having to use higher quality paint in hallways. Hallways need to be painted more frequently due to wear and tear caused by scratch marks, fingerprints, dents, and worn corners. This occurs because it is one of the busiest areas in the entire house. If it is true that you can wash the walls eventually, you will need to re-paint every 2-4 years to improve the area and give it a fresh look. There are more high traffic areas apart from the hallway, such as the bathrooms and the kitchen. These are the busiest rooms in the house and may need a coat of paint more frequently.

Living and Dining Room

The paint in these rooms tends to last longer, even though they are used relatively frequently. Even though these rooms are often filled with more formal activities that prevent wear and tear, better paint and decoration are expected to be used in these areas as they are used to display the décor of a home. The living room is the crown of your home that makes everything look aesthetic. The decision to re-paint these rooms is often accompanied by a complete or significant change in decor and style. For all these reasons, painting every 5 or 7 years is very common.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

The kitchen and bathrooms have much more damage to the walls than in the living room or dining room, so you may need to refresh these walls more often. These are the busiest rooms, so they have great potential to be ruined. Especially in the kitchen, you must have a paint that can be washed regularly. Always choose a satin or pearl finish paint for your kitchen, as its maintenance and cleaning are quite easy.

Factors Affecting Wall Paint

  1. Environmental factors also influence this decision. For example, in rooms where the sun shines a lot, paint can lose its vividness and intensity faster. On the other hand, in more humid rooms such as bathrooms or kitchen, condensation stains can appear on ceilings and walls more easily.

    Dust and everyday rubbing are factors that are common in all cases. The dust itself that is in the environment adheres to walls and ceilings, causing the paint to lose lucidity. The usual friction between your walls and furniture or hands can cause stains and wear on the paint.

 Advice and Maintenance to Increase Your Roof Paint Lifetime

Preventing the wear of the paint over time is impossible. However, taking these tips into account and taking specific actions, we can keep our home looking good for longer. Make sure that the materials with which your house is painted are of outstanding quality. The higher the quality of the paint, the longer it will last in perfect condition. Nowadays there are stain-resistant paints that are really good, and that will help you keep your walls always clean without effort.

Knowing how to apply the paint properly is also essential to ensure maximum durability and perfect condition. Often, if we are not professional painters, we tend to overlook some critical issues, such as: 

  • paint dissolution, 

  • prior preparation of the wall, 

  • the amount of paint used per square meter, 

  • how each layer’s passes are given, understanding and respecting the drying time of each material,

  • the number of layers that must be applied to obtain an optimal result, etc. 

All these issues are what determine whether the painting job is good or bad and obviously affect its duration. For this reason, we recommend that you hire professionals like ROOF-FIX to paint your house. Established in 2001, ROOF-FIX is a reputed name in the roofing repair business who offer their services in Southeastern and the Mornington Peninsula. 

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