Decorating With Artificial Flowers: 7 Savvy Tips to Jazz up Your Home Effortlessly

Either you love it, or you hate it, there is no other choice, decorating with artificial flowers is a practice that equals a number of amazing perks. When we talked about the decoration trends of summer 2020, we told you that it was about setting up your own jungle at home, but what we did not tell you is that we were exposing you to one of the great disputes of modern flower arrangements: artificial plants, Yes or no?

At myhome-id, we give a resounding yes to interior decoration with synthetic flowers. The reason is simple, and it is that in a context in which we hardly have time to devote to ourselves, the only thing you have to worry about is finding the one that most closely resembles a real one. You’ll no longer be bothered by the leaves turning yellow every time!

Once the presentations have been made and, of course, leaving aside the idea that decorating with artificial flowers is a thing of the past, we give you some tips to turn your rooms into cozy spaces full of personality. Whether you have a minimalist style house, your trend is more akin to Nordic spaces or boho-chic style; artificial plants find their place and shape in all decorative types. From the centerpieces to their hanging version, we give you some savvy tips for decorating your home-sweet-home with artificial plants that do not exclude any corner of your home.


#1. The Flowers Should Natural

Before decorating with artificial plants, we advise you to do some good fieldwork. For the effect of your new acquisitions to be optimal, they have to be as close as possible to real flowers and plants: research colors, sizes, and varieties to make the best selection at the time of purchase.


#2. Search for Seasonal Flowers

One of the keys when choosing modern flower arrangements well is consistent with the year we are. Following in the vein of the first tip, go a little further in the research and, when choosing artificial flowers, make sure that their natural version is in season. Don’t make the mistake of wearing peonies in January, don’t show yourself!


#3. Have Fun, Experiment, and Mix

 The centerpieces with artificial flowers can give a lot of play when making a change and getting what you are looking for for a perfect room. To achieve this key touch, it is essential that you experiment and do not stick to just one type of plant or flower. Have fun! Mix different colors, textures, and varieties. You will be surprised by the result!


#4. The Master Trick

 While it is true that the replicas are strikingly similar to reality, we can always use other tricks to reinforce the resemblance. Our favorite, use a transparent vase and add a little water so that it is visible. Perfect to use in the hall of your home and create a welcoming atmosphere!


#5. Use Real Pots and Accessories

Using real pots and accessories to decorate with artificial flowers is another way to eliminate that touch away from the natural. Try the effect of hanging artificial plants with the natural fiber containers not to leave any of your visits indifferent.


#6. Minimum Maintenance

They neither wither nor need extreme care. The little dedication -and the unbeatable result- is appreciated, but what you cannot wholly neglect is how to give shine to natural plants with some continuity. As a DIY remedy (do it yourself), mix a little water and milk impregnated on a cotton pad and clean the leaves carefully when you see that they are losing their luminosity.


#7. Make Variations for a More Natural Look

 Usually, when we buy artificial plants, all the stems are the same shape and size. Don’t be afraid to cut and fold them so that the effect is natural, like fresh out of the ground.


Knowing the tips not to fail under any circumstances, are you willing to join the interior decoration with artificial plants and enjoy their freshness?


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