Decorating Your Loft

Lofts were once an affordable housing alternative for artists who could not afford to have both a studio and a separate living space. As popular residences for artists, these converted lofts have earned a reputation for being elegant and fashionable – a veritable search for innovative creatives and thinkers. Particularly fashionable among young people and on the rise, lofts have become very desirable properties throughout the country. They are generally located in urban centers, close to stores, restaurants and local hotspots. With large windows, high ceilings and open spaces, lofts are a great choice for many buyers. One challenge, however, is to figure out how to decorate a home that breaks all the traditional rules of interior design.


Both the business card of a loft and its stumbling block in terms of furniture is the number of industrial components visible throughout the apartment. Concrete or wooden floors, concrete walls, structural beams, exposed pipes and piping are all typical elements of today’s lofts. These features would make a room look unfinished and ugly in a traditional detached house, but are seen as the quintessence of minimalist design and industrial flavor in a loft property.


While raw materials are a large part of the charm of loft-style apartments, they can also pose a challenge to buyers who have had no experience of furnishing with such fixtures present.


In addition to the industrial atmosphere, lofts are also known for their large open spaces, little or no storage, and walls that are only found around the bathroom. The rest of the space is indefinite, which can be overwhelming for a new loft owner.


Before you start scattering your things around the apartment, first make sure you have a solid design plan. This will save you a lot of time, stress and sweat. By preparing your designs in advance, you can really experience and understand the most functional and aesthetic layout for your new apartment.


Decide how you want to use each area and then start thinking about how best to define these areas. One of the easiest and most convenient ways to organize a loft into functional units is to add area carpets. Not only do they help you define the different rooms, but they also add the necessary warmth (both literally and visually). A soft soft soft rug in the bedroom can make the area much more welcoming and soften the atmosphere. It also adds a fantastic contrast to the hard lines and industrial materials throughout the rest of the property.


Another way to add privacy is the use of shoji screens. These room dividers are available as sliding or fan foldable doors. They are available in dark or light wood, and feature simple white rice paper or elegant designs like cherry blossoms. The beauty of Japanese screens is that they can create borders without blocking the light. They are classic and avant-garde at the same time and are a perfect addition to a downtown loft.


Even the large open-backed bookcases work well as room dividers. Choose richly colored shelves to warm the room and select pieces with interesting designs to add a contemporary touch to the space.


Choose stylish pieces for your furniture and try to find items that have hidden storage space. Ottomans are perfect for this purpose, as they can serve as footrests, coffee tables and store items such as spare blankets and board games.


Plants animate any space, but they are especially useful to make your new loft feel at home. Plants can release air and bring a natural element into the room. This helps to counteract the cold, utilitarian structure of the building.


Don’t forget to experiment with artwork as well. Lofts are popular among artists for a very good reason: the high ceilings and exposed materials provide the perfect canvas for your personal gallery. If you keep your modern furniture and clutter to a minimum, you can get away with oversized and bold prints that would overwhelm other spaces. Remember that your new loft is perfect for experimentation, so enjoy the adventure of adding a personal touch to your new fashionable digs. Soon you will have a home like no other.



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