This Should Be the Color of Your Bedroom According to Colorstrology!

This Should Be the Color of Your Bedroom According to Colorstrology!

Since everyone is into astrology these days, homeowners are choosing their bedroom colors based on their zodiac signs. It’s so common and trendy. But maybe it’s time for some change. How about choosing the color of your bedroom based on colorstrology?

What Is Colorstrology?

Colorstrology is a type of astrology that attributes a specific color or colors to each month of the year. This modern astrology was created by Michele Bernhardt who was told to design a color calendar that’s dedicated to specific personality traits.

As a healer and metaphysician, Bernhardt said that she designed this system so that each element or color could be attributed to the right month and by using these specific colors, people would feel more stable in life.

“It’s got nothing to do with your favorite color. It’s about a color that, when you use it, makes you feel more balanced. Colorstrology was designed as a method of self-reflection and acknowledgement of the way people feel about a particular hue,” says the creator of colorstrology. 

Choosing a Color Based on Your Birth Month


JanuaryThe official color for people born in January is Caramel. In hue, this soft and light shade can range from dark red-brown to light yellow-brown. According to Bernhardt, this color represents three key traits: practical, determined and builder.

Taking inspiration from the sign of Capricorn, caramel has a very responsible and stable energy about it. Since Saturn, the ruling planet for Capricorn is all about structure and discipline, caramel can also help with discipline,” says Bernhardt.

Since people born in the month of January are often kind and love to help others, it is believed that orange, yellow and red are colors that can also play a major role in their lives. So, if you are looking for more balance in your life, make sure you surround yourself with these colors.


FebruaryPeople born in February are often called natural givers because they are always ahead of others when it comes to helping and encouraging. These people with big hearts cannot bear the agonies of others and hence they never hesitate to help and support other people. Given their compassionate nature, Sheer Lilac would be the perfect color for them.

This light purple hue is often associated with themes like friendship, kindness, community and humanitarianism. According to Bernhardt, “Sheer Lilac is perfect for people born in February as it fosters “loving detachment” and “uplifting love” instead of “clingy love” and “toxic love.”

Of course, if you are born in February, you can also choose to paint your bedroom pink, blue or green, as incorporating these colors can have a positive impact on your life.


MarchMarch-born people tend to be very active and energetic. Guided more by intuition than by logic or emotion, those born in the month of March tend to be very happy, carefree and friendly. Everyone loves to hang out with these optimistic and happy March babies and their sunny disposition can be very contagious.

So, for them, Fair Aqua would be perfect.

Fair Aqua is a light yet powerful and meaningful shade that has a watery influence. It is referred to as the color of imagination and intuition.

According to Bernhardt, “Fair Aqua is a great color for enhancing your psychic abilities and dreams. It can also help with trust and invoking inspiration, and, of course, it’s very good for meditating.”

People born in March are very passionate and easy-going and this color helps them to maintain their happiness and optimism. Eventually, if you don’t like Fair Aqua, you can still choose between black, purple and lime. Each of these colors would certainly leave a positive impact on certain areas of your life as well as your personality.





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