Tips for Your Home Office Decor

Home Office Decor

 Whatever the layout of your office in your home (a corner office in the bedroom, an office in the hallway, a library office in the living room, or an office in a room dedicated to it), it is there to provide a space dedicated to work. The decoration of an office is generally quite neutral to allow a studious atmosphere. But nothing prevents you from adding a touch of originality to your interior decoration by focusing on colour. On the other hand, practical and functional, the desk is a piece of furniture that we adopt at any age, but not in the same style!

 Note: the desk will generally be small and colourful for children, while for adults, it will be in a Zen or classic atmosphere or lacquered in black for a design interior.

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 Office decoration: a colourful space

 An office is a place of concentration and reflection. The chosen colour must allow concentration in an atmosphere of relaxation and serenity.

 For an office in your living room or in your bedroom (or for the lucky ones, in an entire room dedicated to work), green, blue as well as neutral colours (gray, white, linen) are to be preferred.

 Colours adapted to an adult office

 Blue: a cold colour; blue promotes rest and calm. Go for cameos of blue or soft combinations with beige or white. Adding a touch of warm colour, such as yellow, will revive and rebalance the hues for more dynamism.

 Green: light green for office decorating creates a calm and serene atmosphere.

 Neutral tones: classic and timeless colours (linen, cream, white or gray) or neutral and gradated shades (taupe, beige or gray) are particularly appreciated in an office because they combine with all the other colours and do not weigh down the decoration.

 Tip: Avoid a combination of colours that are too flashy, which quickly leads to fatigue, and use warm colours in moderation because, in large quantities, they may not promote concentration.

 Colours for a child’s or teenager’s office

 Here are different ideas for decorating a desk in a child’s room.

 Pink for a child’s office: combined with white, this colour makes the work area an attractive space while separating it from the sleeping area.

 Purple for a teenager’s room: purple promotes concentration and is a soft, restful colour that creates an intimate atmosphere.

 Yellow for a young child: the colour of sun and light, yellow promotes concentration and provides a warm atmosphere.

 Red for a teenager’s bedroom: red should be used sparingly; otherwise, it will be stifling. Paint a single wall, or place the colour on accessories: it will stimulate and give energy.

 Office decor: accessories, lighting and storage

Home Office Decor

 Accessories to personalize your office decor

 Whatever your office style, don’t hesitate to buy colour-coordinated accessories:

 – Picture frames to personalize your space, starting at $5.

 – A wall with slate paint for a handy reminder. Cost: $8 for a 250 ml can.

 – A corkboard to pin your reminders on. Cost: $5.

 – Multiple colourful boxes to store pens, USB keys, chargers… You’ll find them for $5 and up in home decor stores.

 Lighting for a successful office decoration

 To read and work, consider placing effective lighting. You can install lights on the ceiling or place a lamp on the desk.

 For a work lamp to put on your desk, count on an average of $20.

 Storage for a functional office

 Desk storage units are essential accessories to have a practical and functional office space. They can be of different styles and shapes. It’s up to you to choose according to your storage needs.

 A locker will allow you to store files and folders. Plan on a budget of about $20 for a two-bin unit.

 Provide shelves for your books. You can find them for as little as $8.

 A practical drawer cabinet on wheels. Cost: $35

 Also, think about niches: lit by LED ribbons, they are perfect for highlighting decorative objects or simply for storing your stationery.

Tip: a practice that is very fashionable at the moment is to divert objects mottled, such as an old night table, in storage furniture, or to repaint old wooden furniture as a bookcase that you will transform into design furniture and practical to store your files.

 Home office decoration: tips for your professional office

 You don’t choose the same colour for a home office as for a professional office. A professional office must provide a serene atmosphere and a climate conducive to work and concentration.

 Here are some ideas for your professional office.

 An office in shades of blue: blue is a colour that promotes concentration. Choose two complementary tones, like a pastel blue and a dark blue, to give contrast.

 A wooden desk: for cachet and a prestigious effect, opt for a fine mahogany species to bring warmth.

 A gray and black desk: chic and modern, choose a sober and designed desk (a black lacquered desk) to create a sober and chic atmosphere, ideal for receiving your clients.

 Office decoration: suppliers

 You will find everything you need to decorate your office in the big decoration stores as well as on merchant websites.

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