Baroque Bathroom: Decorating Ideas and Tips

Baroque Bathroom

A bathroom decoration, whatever its style, must be pleasant and orderly. This post will look at baroque decoration that originated in Italy and developed around the 12th century. In the Venetian tradition, furniture with pronounced curves and stylized motifs is combined with black, gold, and silver.

For the decoration of a bathroom, bet on two styles:

the baroque style, of course;

and a touch of modernity like the new textile materials, which will still give it a certain clarity if the space is small.

If the volume is more substantial, anything goes, especially if you conceptualize your bathroom from start to finish.

In any case, refinement must be the priority in this place where shadows and lights are mixed.

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Which furniture to choose?

clawfoot bathtub is ideal for creating baroque decor. However, customize it by repainting the feet in silver.

If you prefer a shower, avoid very modern shower stalls that would clash with the bathroom’s overall style.

As for the bathtub or shower faucets, choose a retro style in brushed silver or aged gold steel.

Next, choose a black marble basin (or an effect basin for a reasonable budget) that will be placed on a black lacquered or silver ceruse cabinet. To have furniture with a ceruse patina:

Buy a piece of furniture with curved pine legs.

Paint it with black acrylic paint at night.

Let it dry for 24 hours, then sand the furniture lightly with a sheet of sandpaper (No. 0).

Then dilute in a bowl of acrylic paint with water.

Apply it with a brush on the whole piece of furniture and let it dry for 24 hours.

Then varnish the furniture with a marine varnish that will protect it from humidity.

Then place a large mirror with a stylized silver frame above the basin.

A full cabinet or column will allow the storage of bath linens:

Choose this one with solid doors.

Glue large, sculpted chopsticks to it, which you can find in large decorating stores.

Paint these rods silver.

A black chest bench with silver fittings will then be placed next to the vanity.

Finally, to complete your baroque decor, choose a valet towel rack that you will have stripped and painted in silver (or gold).

Tip: silver can be replaced by gold, but it will be aged and not shiny.

Wall coverings for a baroque decor

Tile is the king of bathroom coverings. It will be placed on the wall on the bath side, in the shower, and at the sink and grouted with black. For baroque decor, choose a matte black wall tile.

A frieze with scroll patterns can be painted with special white or gray tile paint. To paint this frieze, use a stencil with the scrolls of your choice.

You can also decide to paint the walls. To do this and to avoid the room looking like a cave:

Paint one wall black: the one where the basin is located, for example.

Paint the opposite wall silver.

Finally, the two remaining walls will be painted light gray to bring light to the room.

Finally, choose silver or black metallic sconces that will be fixed on each side of the mirror.

In all cases, you can afford to attach to the ceiling polystyrene mouldings that will not fear moisture and will be painted in black or silver, depending on the wall covering.

Which floor covering to choose?

Since water splashes are common in a bathroom, tiling the room is the best option.

To stay in the baroque decor, keep a black matte tile of large size: 40 × 40 cm, for example. This will be laid from the base of the walls to the center.

However, keep enough space to create in the center a mosaic carpet that will bring together shades of gray, black and transparent:

These mosaic plates called “BACCARA” are sold in large DIY stores.

They are glued just like a normal tile and are joined in the same way.

You can choose a gray marbled tile on a black background as a second option.

In this case, purple or mauve bath mats will complement the flooring while adding a touch of colour.

Curtains to create a baroque style

To complete your baroque decor, choose plain red, purple, and violet bath and hand towels to match the bath mats.

Finally, if your bathroom has a window, decorate it with a gray curtain with the bottom decorated with lace Louis XII style, for example.

Warning: velvet curtains are not recommended as they will give your bathroom a dull appearance.

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