7 Tips To Make a Small Living Room Look Bigger

Small living rooms are not always comfortable, but they are cozy and atmospheric. With limited space, it is natural to want to use it as effectively as possible. These tips can make a small living room seem larger.

1) Choose Light Rather Than Dark

Furnishing a small living room starts with the basics. In a compact space, the following rule always applies: choose a light color palette. Light colors unify an open space. Dark colors can make a small space seem even smaller. So, choose light colors instead of dark colors for the floors and light colors for the walls.

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2) Make the Living Room More Expressive

As already mentioned, light tones look good in a small living room, but that does not mean you should not use color. By choosing the 60-30-10 rule, you can paint colors and still have a good balance. In this rule, three colors are chosen, one of which should cover 60% of the space and the other 30%. The third and final color, 10%, is the accent color. This will give a small living room much more atmosphere.

3) Create Peace With Furniture and Accessories

In a small living room, less is more. Choose nice accent items and choose sofas and coffee tables that fit perfectly. This will bring peace to the room and keep it from looking cluttered. Filling the room with unnecessary items can make a small living room seem smaller and crowded.

Coarse furniture can be exquisite in some interiors, but to create a spacious feel, choose a sofa with legs or a minimalist coffee table. Glass furniture can also create a more spacious feel.

4) Choose Round Shaped Furniture

Round furniture, such as a round coffee table can help break up straight lines. In addition, round-shaped furniture takes up less space. For example, a round dining table can seat more people than a rectangular shape.

5) Take Advantage of Natural Light

In small living rooms, light is often scarce, or the room itself can feel a bit dark. Take advantage of the natural light entering the room by not restricting light incidence. For example, windowsills should be quiet, and curtains should be airy and translucent.

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6) Choose Furniture of Appropriate Proportions

Excessive seating and small storage furniture can make a room look cluttered and cramped. Don’t be afraid to use large pieces in a small room, but know how to distinguish between appropriate and excessive sizes. For example, be wary of assembled furniture that stretches awkwardly across the room or cupboards that touch the ceiling. If something is too large for the space, it will automatically appear smaller.

7) Get Large Rugs

When it comes to carpeting in the living room, bigger is better, especially in a small living room. It may seem contradictory, but a large carpet can make a space look longer, draw the eye in, and make the floor space appear larger. If the carpet is too small, it will look like it is floating in the middle of the room or does not match the proportions of larger furniture, which will not make a small living room look larger.

Choose a carpet that is the same size (or larger) as the sofa. A large carpet can act as an anchor point in the living room and help with the living room furniture arrangement. Run it under the legs of the sofa or coffee table, leaving a 25-30 cm edge so that the subfloor can be seen.

Do you have any other tips? Share it with us in the comments below!

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