Classic Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Classic Decorating Ideas for Your Home

A dining room decoration is a matter of taste and personality. Classic, design, oriental, or country style, all choices are allowed! In this post, we will focus on the classic style dining room.

Classic Style Overview

Classic Decorating Ideas for Your Home

The classic style is defined mainly for country houses composed of simple and little-worked furniture.

Today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find period furniture, so the major brands have decided to manufacture furniture similar to the rustic style that we call “classic”.

This furniture is usually made of pine or spruce, the most common woods.

They are patinated, varnished, waxed, or waxed to give “style” to your decor.

Which furniture to choose to create this style?

To create a classic style, first, choose your furniture. They should preferably be made of oak and bought in specialized stores or, even better, found in flea markets or garage sales.

For a classic style dining room, choose a long table (2 m × 90 cm) and surround it with straw chairs. As a general rule, chairs are set in groups of 8 for a table of this size.

Accompany this furniture with a sideboard in two superimposed elements that will store your dishes.

Gien porcelain plates, for example, can be placed as decoration on the cornice of the buffet.

If you have a relatively large room, don’t hesitate to add a kind of wooden chest in the country style where you will store your linens.

Wall coverings for a classic style

An exposed stone wall is a good way to create a classic look. If you don’t have this type of wall, get wallpapers with these fully realistic patterns that will replace a real stone wall with flying colors.

This wall will be accompanied by 3 walls adorned with round plaster that is easily applied with a roller.

These 3 walls will be painted white to highlight the furniture, whether light or dark wood.

If you don’t want to use plaster, you can opt for cream-colored paints that give brightness to your dining room.

Floor coverings adapted to this style

If you are lucky enough to live in a country house with a terracotta floor, keep it! It will be perfectly suited to create a classic style.

If you are building a house, do not hesitate to invest in a floating oak floor that you can easily install.

The choice of this floor will depend on the color of the furniture. For example, choose a dark floor for light furniture.

A carpet in pure wool or light buckwheat will also give a warm and friendly side, perfect for a classic style.

Finally, consider placing the table and chairs on a Napoleonic-patterned rug that will define your room.

Textiles and curtains for a classic style

To give a classic style to your dining room, put red or dark green velvet curtains on thin sheers so as not to darken the room.

For a pure classic style, these curtains can be accompanied by tiebacks (links to maintain the curtain draped on the side) with matching gold tassels. The installation of curtains will be on rods with wooden rings.

Also, to give an intimate aspect to your room, place a frame above the curtains you will make with the same fabric as them.

Be careful not to make this frame too wide which could darken the room!

You can add crochet doilies of unique colors in a scattered way without overloading the furniture.

You can also create your own woven wool rug, which will require some patience depending on the size you choose but will nicely reinforce your classic style.

Decorating tips

If you opt for pine furniture bought in a department store, you can patina it yourself in the following way:

    – Buy a stain in the tone of your choice: light, medium, or dark.

    – Apply it to your furniture with a brush and let it dry for 24 hours.

    – Then, apply a cloth soaked in beeswax: the application gesture will be made in circles so that the wax impregnates the wood grain.

    – The furniture will then be maintained only with wax and dusted with a duster.


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