Exciting Ideas for Sustainable Housing When Building Your Home

The transformation of the construction industry and the trends are adapting to the needs of a post-pandemic society that is increasingly conscious of its health, social relations and respect for the environment.

Terms such as bio-construction, eco-architecture are becoming relevant for all actors involved in a sector that will grow 3.5 times faster than the total economy in 2022.

So the latest trends and innovation, is the perfect opportunity to talk to you about one of the most remarkable topics: sustainable housing, especially if you are planning to start your own home construction soon. So interested in learning more? Grab a pen and some paper and take note! Enjoy!

Sustainability and Trends in Construction

We found out that four aspects of sustainable housing and trends set the standard in the sector:

  1. Good Practices

The detail is to make the most of resources and not waste them, while maintaining the quality, safety and comfort of construction projects.

  1. Innovation in Machinery

The construction sector relies on the use of equipment and infrastructure that allow agility, efficiency and greater safety in the work.

  1. Multi functional and Bright Spaces

A basic distribution is not enough, constructions must respond to areas that offer spaces for family gatherings, entertainment, rest and work or office areas.

  1. Ecological Construction

The key aspect that can currently be decisive in the success of a project is the management and implementation of water saving systems, renewable energy and sustainable building materials.

What Is Sustainable Housing?

A sustainable housing is a housing that minimizes the negative impacts of processes and materials that affect the environment. It is built taking into account the well-being of the space, the use of available resources and a better economy.

Another definition explains that this concept is about urban environmental sustainability, understood as “planning processes, urban development models and the construction of a conscious citizenship that promotes the protection and efficient and sustainable use of natural resources, ecosystems and their environmental services, promoting resilience to the impacts of climate change and disasters.

6 Minimum Aspects of Sustainable Housing

So here are essential points of sustainable housing:

Solar Panels

The challenge of sustainable construction is to produce zero carbon emissions, thanks to the use of clean energies like solar energy.  It should be noted that the reduction in electricity costs is also interesting for potential customers.


The storage of rainwater in all possible places of the houses and buildings, to reuse it later in different daily activities, is one of the most important and decisive aspects when looking for a sustainable housing.

Materials, Like Ecological Bricks

A sustainable house must take advantage of materials, such as ecological bricks, which have insulating power against cold, heat, noise and humidity. This easy-to-use building material can reduce the weight of a property by 70%.

Monitoring and Control Systems

The implementation of systems to monitor electricity consumption, temperature, humidity, etc. is also planned.


In addition to contributing to energy savings, having natural lighting gives vitality to the house and beautifies the spaces. Taking advantage of sunlight to illuminate spaces is very relevant to the health and well-being of those who inhabit them.

Vertical Gardens

This is one of the aspects that combine functionality and beauty. Vertical gardens are a natural system that provides oxygen to the construction; thanks to automated irrigation, they take advantage of up to 90% of the water, creating an ecosystem in which raw materials can be grown and reused.

In summary, sustainable projects are already a growing demand in the construction industry, and only companies that advance their innovation processes will be able to satisfy customers who are more committed to caring for the environment and their own well-being.

Here you go! If you are ever building your house, consider those steps to sustainable housing. How about you? Have you heard/read about any more tips? Share them with us in the comments below.


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