7 Mismatched Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Mismatched Kitchen Remodeling Ideas


A mismatched kitchen is a kitchen that breaks with uniformity, with mismatched, open and unstructured furniture: cupboard doors, display cabinets, storage elements, colour schemes, baskets, china cabinets… So many features that you can find in decoration catalogues or that you can hunt down at your leisure. Make room for mixing styles for combinations that are as successful as they are graphic. Rediscover with happiness a technical and smooth piece that becomes alive again, emblematic of the nostalgia of the kitchens of yesteryear.

Colours for a mismatched kitchen

Colour can add character to a kitchen that is too plain.

A perfect mix of different colours. For example: To create a mismatch without spreading yourself too thin, visually differentiate the lower part with a pastel colour (apricot, powder pink, lilac) and the upper part with a light grey. The space is thus well categorized with a transition ensured by the worktop, which you can imagine in light wood.

Materials for a mismatched kitchen

By combining different types of materials, you can easily achieve a kitchen that is a mix of modern and classic styles. Here are two examples that are very fashionable at the moment:

Cement tiles: opt for coloured cement tiles with a patterned credenza added to the design elements; your mismatched kitchen will be both modern and rustic.

Wooden plank: mix smooth and plain elements with an old wooden plank worktop. For example, alternate natural matt wood for the upper cupboards and dark grey glossy lacquer for the lower ones.

Tip: also mismatch details such as handles: an old-fashioned shop counter style on the lower units, and more modern stainless steel handles for the upper ones.

Furniture for a mismatched kitchen

Bringing in an offbeat element for a mismatched kitchen is advisable, as you don’t want to make a patchwork of pieces.

Adding a vintage element

For a mismatched kitchen, insert a vintage or second-hand element among the cupboards in your kitchen. This element brings an air of antiques and cachet.

For example: Insert a display cabinet with wooden shelves where you can display your dishes.

The return of the china cabinet

The china cabinet is once again taking pride in modern kitchens and is becoming functional storage and aesthetic element full of charm. It will showcase your dishes which are no longer relegated to the back of the cupboards. Opt for an open china cabinet, equipped with baskets and bottle racks, or one with a glass front.

The piano as a centrepiece

Mismatched Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

The piano is the royal occupant of old-fashioned kitchens and plays the non-integrated part, bringing a real touch of authenticity and terroir. With their superb bodywork, the chef’s pianos mark the decor and offer technology worthy of the pros: thick sheet metal casing, solid brass accessories, powerful burners, the famous “coup de feu” plate, large ovens and sharp accessories.

Antique spirit

No more hiding kitchen accessories; show them off! Accumulate spice jars, jars, zinc objects and other nostalgic finds, which you can display on wooden shelves. They can be hung on a credenza bar or a canopy suspended above the island.

Mismatched chairs

We hunt, search, rummage, and opt for entirely different seats that we will have fun trying to match in a spirit of recovery. But don’t be afraid to mix genres. Halfway between a bohemian, contemporary and vintage style, this simple and inexpensive trend reflects the passing of time and its accumulating memories. The concept is simple: combine different chairs to bring a touch of eclecticism.

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