Flooring: Which Floor Covering To Choose?


Are you renovating your home and don’t know which floor covering to choose? There are many and varied possibilities when it comes to floor coverings. For a wise choice, it is advisable to opt for floor coverings adapted to your needs, your budget, and your decoration style. This article provides an overview of commercially available floor coverings to help you choose yours.

Vinyl Flooring and Linoleum


Vinyl flooring is sold in rolls, strips, or tiles. You can call on a professional in the field for a proper installation. He or she can advise you on the different colors and textures that will best enhance your home’s interior. Some vinyl floor coverings are reminiscent of noble or rough materials like slate, wood, and concrete. Overall, this type of floor covering is prized for its moisture resistance but also for its ease of installation.

Linoleum has a similar look and quality to vinyl, except that it is now made of environmentally friendly materials (vegetable resin, linseed oil, etc.). Indeed, it is possible to install it yourself with simple tools. In addition, this flooring can be easily removed, cleaned, and reinstalled in case of water damage. It reduces noise and provides comfort to its user. It can be installed in the kitchen, bathroom, and basement.


Carpet flooring is both a chic and economical solution. It provides the occupants of the house with unequaled comfort. Indeed, they can enjoy a good serenity thanks to its insulating properties in the bedroom as well as in the living room. The carpet is available in a wide variety of natural and synthetic materials.

For easy maintenance, you can choose carpets that are labeled “hypoallergenic”. They are indeed known for their impressive ability to trap dust on the surface of their fibers. Many people appreciate its non-slip surface, especially on stairs. Nevertheless, overall, carpet maintenance must be done thoroughly and regularly. This is the only way to prevent mold and dust mites from taking hold.

Ceramic and porcelain


Ceramic and porcelain have many similarities, except that porcelain is more resistant and more expensive than traditional ceramic. The wear resistance of these tile coverings varies according to their grade, which ranges from 1 to 5. A higher grade means greater resistance.

Because of their properties, ceramic and porcelain tiles can be installed in the kitchen and hallway and in the bathroom because of their tolerance to water and moisture. But beware! Ceramic tends to slip and, in some cases, break when wet. Despite this, ceramic tiles can be preferred over underfloor heating.

Laminated wood

Laminated wood is an excellent alternative to hardwood, and its first attraction is its affordable price. It is also known as floating or laminate flooring. It is a new generation of flooring made of the wood fiber.

Interestingly, it looks very similar to natural wood. It can be installed by the homeowner using the nail and glue-free technique. Moreover, it is easy to maintain and resistant to wear. However, it may swell after being in contact with water. If this happens, you will have to replace it.



Hardwood is one of the most popular floor coverings in France. Depending on the species chosen, the strength and hardness of this flooring change. Maple, oak, and some exotic woods are good choices. However, it should not be installed in rooms with high humidity levels, such as basements. This siding can yellow over time under the effect of sunlight.

Durable, hardwood remains a sure value for the return on investment of a house. It can be sanded and refinished to give it a second life. However, hardwood should not be used in rooms with high humidity, such as basements. Some softwoods will show signs of animal claws, stiletto heels, and heavy objects. The sun’s rays tend to turn yellow over time.

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