How Do You Conceive Your Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen


– What is a modern kitchen?

– Which furniture to choose for a modern kitchen?

– Wall coverings of a modern kitchen

– Floor coverings for a modern kitchen

– Textiles and curtains to create a modern kitchen

The modern kitchen is both aesthetic and practical.

A modern kitchen is special and unique, especially because you can customize it. Often resulting from a designer’s imagination, the contemporary kitchen is original. The diversity of materials used, the colour combinations, the lines’…

What is a modern kitchen?

Above all, a modern kitchen combines different materials such as wood with red melamine particles and brushed steel handles. It is also a different conception of the kitchen space, with the cooking point placed in the centre of the room for a stronger conviviality.

A modern kitchen decoration also often requires a larger budget if you call on a designer. The key is to create total harmony between the furniture, the dishes, the floor, the kitchen linen (tablecloths, towels, tea towels) and the wall coverings.

What furniture to choose for a modern kitchen?

Modern Kitchen

Let’s imagine a modern decor with a trendy red and steel atmosphere. Depending on your space, choose your furniture according to what you have to store. 

Store all your equipment in low furniture and prefer a china cabinet for everything that concerns dishes and kitchen linen. If you are an occasional cook, it is not necessary to overload the space with high furniture. You can hang your most-used utensils on a design rod.

On the other hand, plan a large matching work surface and high furniture if the kitchen is your hobby. If you want to add more wood to your home, Kuccina Design has plenty of suggestions for your walls, ceilings, shelves, staircases, beds, and other eye-catching wood decor and furniture.

A red lacquered table (which will be protected by place-mats for dinners) will be in the centre of the room, accompanied by matching red chairs with brushed steel legs. If you can’t find red chairs, there’s nothing to stop you from dressing them up with chair covers that match the table. 

Match the appliances to the kitchen furniture. For a few years now, household appliances have been equipped with an outstanding choice of colours. 

Here are some tips on how to match your kitchen furniture:

– Try to keep an equal height between the base units, the stove and the worktop for linear harmony.

– It will be helpful to measure the elements before purchasing them.

If your budget does not allow you to buy a built-in kitchen, do not hesitate to hide your appliances (which should all be the same height) with plain grey curtains (depending on your choice) that you will have slipped into a flexible rod and fixed at each end of the worktop for example.

Wall coverings for a modern kitchen

First of all, it is essential to know that with or without a hood, a kitchen gives off grease residues during cooking. It is therefore recommended to choose washable wall coverings:

– A basic wallpaper will wash once or twice, but you will have to change it regularly.

– It is better to tile the kitchen walls, especially if you are lucky enough to own your home. You will then have the opportunity to integrate a stainless steel mosaic frieze, for example.

Also, have a craftsman make a wall covering around your hob that will be easily washable. The cost is certainly a bit high, but you will save cleaning time using a degreaser, sold in spray gun in all major stores.

Finally, you can opt for various coatings such as “tadelakt” colour “cherry”, but take care to varnish it to make it waterproof.

The flooring of a modern kitchen

Indeed, choose tiles. They can be glossy, matte or structured, but they can all be adapted to your needs.

Avoid carpets and rugs: they quickly get dirty and require an additional cleaning budget.

Textiles and curtains to create a modern kitchen

The curtains are very suitable for a kitchen. You will take care to choose them thin, not obscuring the light, and red in the atmosphere we have selected above.

To give them a modern touch, make sure they end with a tip and a tassel that matches the exact measurements of your window.

Modern kitchen decor also includes linens:

A red table runner could accompany the table linen in cotton (very easy to clean) taupe grey.

– The napkins will match and alternate: 2 red napkins and two taupe grey napkins.

– The tea towels must be in grey linen with red squares to achieve optimal harmony.

Hope this post will help you make up your mind about your kitchen renovation project. Remember to share your experience in the comments below.

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