Why Should You Choose Cladding Insulation?


At home or in the office, the quest for comfort is always topical. The well-being of each occupant depends on it. For years, individuals and professionals have constantly been looking for the best options to achieve this goal. Improving the thermal and acoustic insulation of a home or office has become a necessity. In this regard, cladding is increasingly popular among the various solutions available.

What is it?

Siding: everything you need to know


Cladding is designed to cover exterior walls while optimizing the building’s energy performance. This exterior cladding is attached to the facade, like a second layer. Its roles are numerous: to modify the appearance of the house, to protect against bad weather, to improve the sound and thermal insulation. Faced with the diversity of demands and needs, there are several choices:

1. Wood siding

Choosing this material means adopting an ecological and natural insulation for the building. The wood can be left natural or painted. For an aesthetic result, the finishes are well done. The wood slats are laid diagonally, vertically, or horizontally.

2. PVC siding

PVC has undergone significant development over the years. PVC siding owes its success to its efficiency in thermal insulation. This material is known for its great resistance to shocks, bad weather, and mold. The work is more straightforward because the siding is easy to work and quick to install. Note that other insulating materials such as expanded cork, rock wool, or wood fiber can be inserted behind the PVC boards.

3. Metal siding

Metal siding is ideal for contemporary-style buildings. The metals used are galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, or zinc.

4. Stone siding (including slate)

Stone is a material that guarantees a decorative finish and good thermal insulation. Not to mention its durability and lasts for a long time.

5. Concrete siding

Concrete siding is very resistant to fire and impact. Its warm and industrial design is also part of its assets. Its cost is very affordable.

6. Terracotta siding

This type of siding is seduced by its authenticity. The small terracotta panels are the most used for solidity and resistance to bad weather.

7. Composite siding

This is a siding made with resin materials, translucent materials, and others. This material imitates wood to perfection. This siding is installed with screws and posts.

All these materials have their own technical characteristics.

Cladding as insulation: everything for a successful installation


In construction or in the renovation, the insulation by cladding is carried out as functional and decorative. By installing it, you have the solution to remedy heat loss, to reduce energy bills. You are also sure to bring an added value to your property in the context of a rental or a sale.

But before any installation, it is necessary to choose among the insulating materials, an important step. This is why the intervention of professionals is highly recommended. They will study each case in order to understand your needs and advise you on your choice. Experienced and strong in their know-how, they are able to bring the answers to all the questions. To ensure that the installation of the cladding is carried out in good conditions and successfully, they implement the most appropriate method of assembly (single skin, attached, or double skin). This is the guarantee of an efficient and durable cladding insulation.

Final thought

Your home is your nest, and you need to make sure that it is protected from wear and tear and nature, especially with the rise of global warming and the unpredictable nature of storms and weather conditions these days. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry, take care of your home because it is the place you spend the most time in.

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