The Secrets of a Cozy Interior

Interior design is a whole art that aims to beautify and give character to your home. A mixture of tradition and modernity, the cozy style should delight all those who want a comfortable and warm interior.

Choose the Right Materials

As its name suggests, the cozy decoration is an interior with a simple, uncluttered style while being cozy and comfortable. It is essential to bet on the suitable materials to be in this spirit.

Natural materials such as wood and brick are the most appropriate to provide a warm atmospher. Because of the different types of wood available, wood is ideally suited to various works. You can use it as flooring, a decorative accessory, or interior furniture. In addition to being warm, wood is also a noble and elegant material. It is even better if you have the privilege of having a part of brick or wood wall.

In any case, it is always necessary to mix materials to avoid having too busy decor. As you may know, wood is an imposing material, while the goal is to have a pure decoration.

Repaint Your Walls

To bring warmth and comfort, sobriety is the key. Colours such as cream, gray, shades of brown (taupe, terracotta, etc..) will enhance your walls. However, since the objective is to offer you a pleasant setting, you can paint part of the walls in a colour that you particularly appreciate. Otherwise, warm colours such as eggplant and dark green can find a place on a wall section. The goal is to have bright colors to brighten up gray winter days.

Maximize the Comfort of the Room

Furniture and decoration are the essential elements to bring more comfort. Be careful; the objective is not to clutter the room. Therefore, before decorating, put away unnecessary items.

The Furniture

Multiply the sofas and armchairs to have additional seats in your living room. However, make sure they are all comfortable, especially by choosing well-upholstered furniture.

To feel comfortable on your sofa, add cushions and plaids. Moreover, these accessories are actual invitations to relax. Choose soft materials such as wool, velvet, imitation fur, etc. Remember to brighten up your interior with a few touches of colour here and there. This can be done with cushions in warm colours (yellow is an interesting idea). For other furniture, avoid large volumes, which may be imposing.

The Light

You can play on the light to bring a cozy atmosphere and create a natural cocoon. In general, soft light is ideal for this impression of appeasement. However, you can have warm light, thanks to an incandescent bulb that gives a yellow light. Moreover, there are different models of suspensions, which allow you to multiply the bulbs. For a romantic evening or to enjoy a moment of relaxation, light some candles.

Curtains also allow you to play with light, especially if you combine curtains and thick fabrics.

A Fireplace

What better way to create a warm atmosphere than with a fireplace? If you want to install one, the wood stove is an interesting choice, combining comfort and modernity. Alternatively, you can opt for a traditional brick fireplace. Bet on decorative elements such as photo frames, clocks and vases designs, mirrors, etc. You can also paint the brick in a trendy colour such as white.

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