Coastal Interior Design: Bringing Charming Beach Vibes Into Your House

Coastal Interior Design: Bringing Charming Beach Vibes Into Your House

What, who said coastal interior décor is out of style?

Drawn from beach inspiration, using natural and raw elements, the all-time classic beach house décor is not going out of fashion anytime soon.

But, the key here is to strategically use the right tones and elements to create a perfectly scaled coastal space.

#1. Add in a Sea-Inspired Color Palette

Add in a Sea-Inspired Color Palette

What truly makes a coastal chic beachy feel?

The bright yellow and orange rays of sunlight, the turquoise blue sky, the vibrant greens of nature, pale, calm hues of shells and striking blue waters.

No matter how far you are from the beach, you can capture the iconic elements of the coast by incorporating Hamptons style (a synonym for coastal style) hues mixed with natural details.

Let’s see how:

  • Taking inspiration from the sea, the sky and the beach, create key focal points in your coastal-inspired interiors by adding bold and vibrant aquamarine or light-blue hues.


  • Define your home’s airy atmosphere with meaningful light and neutral shades such as beige. Going with white will give you a relaxed, comfortable and coastal-inspired space.


  • If classic Hamptons style represents more dusks and dawns for you, I suggest you opt for more warm colors like reds and yellows.


  • And, if you are more a fan of modern coastal beach glam rather than the classic one, cool blues and metals instantly transform and illuminate your space.

By playing with the right colors, you’ll be able to bring out the perfect coastal aesthetics.

#2. Incorporate More and More Space

Incorporate More and More Space

When’s the last time you went to the beach? Do you remember feeling enclosed or clustered? Or, was there enough space for even a hundred elephants – is that what you call exaggeration?

When your feet are immersed in the sandy beach and you look over at the sea, you get an instant feeling of space and ease. There’s not one inch of space for a claustrophobic panic.

If your intention is to create the same inspired beach and ocean, creating a large open space in your home is a must.

Furnishings should be arranged in a way that will keep a room uncluttered and enable you to feel an airy ocean-like breeze.

#3. Decorate With Bamboo

Decorate With Bamboo

How to create a beachy vibe without being kitschy?

The answer lies in the stunning beauty of bamboo.

If you are someone who likes leaning more towards smooth, neutral hues and a classic rustic-like beach feel, you’d find the perfect tropical vibes in bamboo decorations.

Nothing can describe a relaxed coastal design style as much as a collection of bamboo-based furnishings.

One of my favorite mixtures is the striking and daring pairing of bamboo with sea-blue glass furnishings. Versatile combinations of bamboo furniture and wall décor are sure to epitomize coastal design, giving a rough and brushed look of nature.

#4. Seashells Make the Perfect Statement

Seashells Make the Perfect Statement

Another impressive dichotomy that symbolizes coastal interior design is the use of seashells to highlight the beach season in a house.

Displaying seashells – whether on the dining room table, the kitchen countertop, bedroom desks or coffee table – creates an eye-catching focal point that aids in balancing beautiful coastal features with more rough elements.

Rounding up your house with different types of seashells will always make you think of soft sand, airy clouds and a soothing sea.

Here’s how you can incorporate a breath of the ocean into your home:

  • There’s no more gorgeous centerpiece than a wooden basket try filled with seashells, starfish and corals.


  • Boats are other critical elements that highlight a seaside space and adding a boat decoration packed with seashells and starfish are touching the sky limit.


  • How about creating a wall gallery with lots of cool seashells, starfish, corals and other sea items?


  • If a coastal entryway doesn’t work for you, how about a beautiful candle lantern with seashells, starfish and sand inside?


  • The favorite of some…a large mirror shaped with charming seashells, corals and sea urchins.

Remember: keep it simple, cool and you’ll have a private beach just for yourself.

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