Creating Unity in Your Home: 9 Tips

Creating unity in a household can sometimes be difficult, especially when you like many different styles and colors. Yet, it is often more peaceful and enjoyable when the parts of your home are in harmony with each other. You can achieve this unity in different ways. Do you live in a house where the spaces are not separated from each other? Then creating unity is even more important. Here are some tips to help you out!

1) Choose a Colour Palette

Choose an appropriate color palette and use it throughout your home. You can vary it by using different shades of the same color. A subtle color palette can largely determine the atmosphere of your home.

2) Repeat Colours Throughout the House

Do you use specific colors for your furniture, decorations, or plants? Then make sure that this color is reflected in different places in the house to ensure a subtle harmony. Do you have beautiful green plants? Let that green color come back in the carpets, cushions, or chairs in the dining room.

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3) Repeat Textures In the House

The same goes for textures in your home. Do you have a superb leather sofa? Then, it’s nice if that leather texture is reflected in other parts of your house. Think cushions or a cool leather chair in the bedroom.

4) Mix Different Tones of Wood

Mixing different tones of wood in your interior is fun. It will give your space a playful and lively feel. Create more unity in your home by letting each wood style come back in a different piece of furniture or object. This will ensure a good balance between calm and playfulness.

5) Match the Fabrics

Also a good idea: match fabrics with each other. Do you have a braided rug in your living room? Use the same type of rug in the bedroom. White satin curtains? Choose a similar white duvet cover with a soft fabric to match it nicely.

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6) Use the Same Metallic Colours

Creating unity in the home is also easy by using the same metallic colors. Think armchairs, lamps, coat hangers and hooks of the same color. That single copper lamp in your living room looks a little sad if it doesn’t tie in with the rest of your house.

7) Create Unity By Matching (Different) Types of Furniture

Choose one style or mix different styles well. Avoid having all of one style in one room and a completely different style in another; this causes uneasiness. Also, consider the amount of furniture you have. Do you need that cabinet in the corner? Or that shelf in the corner? If not, get rid of it!

8) Make Sure You Have Defined Spaces

Make sure that space is demarcated without actually enclosing it. For example, you can demarcate by using a rug in the seating area or by using paint on a wall. You can even literally divide the wall to enhance the features. Make sure that space ties in nicely and that no wardrobe or sofa ‘blocks’ it. When the space connects, you’ll experience more peace. You can also use plants to define it. By placing a lovely big plant or several small plants together, you also create a separation/definition.

9) Oh, and Clean Up!

Make sure you have plenty of storage space and clean up. If you don’t have enough storage space or don’t have the right ones, you can’t clean properly, and all your stuff ends up everywhere. Of course, this doesn’t mean that “something” can never be found somewhere but clean regularly. You’ll notice that a tidy house provides a lot of peace and unity.

Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!

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