Elegant Mirrors For Your Bathroom

Are you thinking of replacing the mirror in your bathroom? Round, square, rectangular? Not sure which is best for your bathroom design? Are you unsure of the benefits of a mirror in your home bathroom? Check out the different alternatives and options!

Round Mirrors

A trend that can’t be ignored at the moment is the round mirror. Elegant, playful and incredibly versatile. In terms of the frame, you can go in all directions. For example, you can opt for a solid black edge, a sleek brass edge, or a minimalist one with no edge at all.

What’s more, you also have a lot of leeway when it comes to mirror size. There are mirrors up to 1 metre in diameter, but of course, you can also choose two smaller round mirrors side by side. Just the one you like and the one you find beautiful!

Rectangular Mirrors

A slightly newer development is rectangular mirrors with rounded corners. This model has a somewhat retro feel to it and is super friendly in a bathroom with other vintage touches. Besides, this mirror model works well with a wide range of interior styles, from boho to industrial to classic.

Illuminated Mirrors

Whatever shape of mirror you choose, a bathroom mirror with lighting is highly recommended. Not only does it look fabulous, but it’s also convenient for shaving, epilation and make-up. In most cases, the lighting can also be dimmed, so it’s great for everyone. Finally, many illuminated mirrors also have a built-in heating function. Of course, it’s not designed to heat your bathroom but heats the glass to prevent condensation. Very practical!

Asymmetric Mirrors

The most recent development is the asymmetric mirror, whose shape usually looks somewhat organic. It gives a playful effect, so this mirror shape is best suited to bathrooms that don’t necessarily need to look minimalist or stylishly modern.

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Black Accents

Subtle black elements, such as black frames, make a big difference. Black furnishings are also perfect for contrast, as white dominates most bathrooms.

Want more than just black accents? Then you’ll undoubtedly fall for a beautiful warm wood, such as a black oak bathroom cabinet.

Gold Mirrors

Emphasize the silver sheen of the mirror surface with a gold frame. Gold will also add a bit of warmth and elegance to both casual and vintage bathrooms. Fortunately, you can find an infinity of models within this typology.

When choosing your gold mirror, make sure to consider both the decorative line of your bathroom and its size. For small bathrooms with lots of gold, a thick gold frame can be intimidating and too much of an eye-catcher.

However, gold mirrors are perfect for soft and simple bathrooms. Combined with solid colours and clean, straight lines, they create a remarkable effect. To complement the integration of this mirror, you can add small details in gold, such as a towel rack or the knobs of the dresser.

Vintage Carved Mirror Bathroom Mirror Home Decoration Custom Bathroom Wall  mounted Anti fog Mirror|Decorative Mirrors| - AliExpress

Double Sets

If you have a huge vanity or sink, double mirrors are the perfect choice for you. This type of installation adds a significant visual impact to the wall. One way to add depth to the design is to place lighting fixtures, such as a wall lamp, in the space between the two mirrors.

This option works incredibly well for a double sink countertop, where you can place a mirror above each sink. You can also hang them above a single sink. The goal is to highlight the wall without completely covering it with mirrors. You need to make sure that the second one is parallel to the first one.

So, do you want to add a trendy element to your bathroom? Then be sure to choose one of these mirror shapes. A bathroom mirror is a relatively easy way to do this, as you can swap it out if you’re just bored of it. Which shape would look best in your bathroom?

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