Tips for Decorating Your Space with Window Coverings

In any house, curtains can be very useful in many ways. Yet, on top of its primary purpose of blocking light and giving some shade to the rooms, curtains placed on doors are exciting options when decorating a space.

Don’t know how? No worries! In this article, we’ve gathered some tips on door curtains that you can use when decorating a kitchen, a dining room, a room or any other space in the house.


Curtains on Glass Doors for the Kitchen

How To Use Curtains With Sliding Glass Doors | Studio apartment kitchen,  Small bedroom remodel, Garage remodel

It is one of the most popular options. The typical doors that open onto a balcony or terrace and are usually made of glass offer many options. But in these cases, you can opt for a printed curtain and choose a custom design. The options here are immense, and it can transform a kitchen into a much more welcoming space. Plus, since the design and colours are up to you, it will definitely suit your decor style.


Roller Blinds Instead of Sliding Doors

Some dining rooms or other rooms have access doors to a terrace, a garden or a balcony. The typical curtains are usually placed. But why not bet on something different. For example, automated and roller blinds have endless possibilities that can work wonders for your decor.


Replace Doors with Curtains

Another option that we rarely take into account but that can be really pleasing to the eyes is to replace a door with a curtain. There are certain rooms in a home where it is handy and practical to place a curtain. For instance, it can be much better to remove the doors and place curtains in some closets and dressing rooms. The feel that you are going to give to that space will be very different and cosy.

There may also be some other small rooms where a curtain is a significant space-saver. In small apartments, space for example, can be a big challenge. And, if you are thinking of putting a sliding door to optimise the space available, we recommend installing curtains instead that will both save space and money. You can also change it much more often.

Place Roller Shutters in Enclosures or Terraces

The roller shutter - ACL Menuiserie

There are many people who decide to close their terrace with a small fence. They can be very useful but you may also want to replace those sliding doors – that end up not opening well – with Japanese panels or a simple curtain. This solution will cost you cheaper, and can be much more decorative.

Put Curtains on Doors

Although it is rare to see it today, it was a trick that was used much more often before. Sometimes, in a room such as a dining room, we may be interested in hiding a door under a curtain. For example, in houses where the bathroom faces the dining room directly, it can be more than interesting to place a curtain in front of a glass door. At the same time that you offer more privacy when using the bathroom, you will give that space a different touch.

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