Common Mistakes to Avoid During Kitchen Design

A kitchen is not only a significant investment but also the heart of a house. Which is why mistakes in kitchen design can prove to be very costly. So, if you want to avoid these mistakes, this article will be very useful to you.

#1. Choosing an All-White Kitchen

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It might be true that all-white kitchens are timeless. However, that doesn’t mean that all homeowners should settle for a basic and predictable white kitchen. You can also bring a medley of different materials and colors to your kitchen to create dynamic and vibrant spaces.

For example, as I am a huge fan of dark colors, I chose a contemporary kitchen with a fine combination of black and white. These are classic colors that when combined, represent elegance and luxury.

Furthermore, similar to the kitchen in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, you can also opt for dark-colored countertops and appliances which can not only create a glamorous space, but also bring a sexy vibe.

#2. Lack of Functional Lighting

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“Lighting mistakes in the kitchen can make a big impact on the space as a whole. Without a proper lighting plan, the kitchen can actually feel harsh and oversaturated.”

-Stefani Stein

We can often see tiny pendant lights in a kitchen. It is true that lighting can be considered as a decorative element. However, let me tell you that too dim kitchens can be inconvenient and can lead to certain kitchen hazards. So, instead of thinking about the aesthetics of the kitchen, it is better to provide your kitchen with the amount of illumination that it truly needs. For example, kitchen jobs such as chopping vegetables and tending to hot pans on the stove require ample lighting.

But, of course, you can plan your lighting systems based on where ingredients will be prepared, where will the cooking take place and where food will be served as these are the areas that require sufficient lighting.

Besides, you can also install multiple light sources like a combination of hanging pendant lights, recessed lighting and under-cabinet lighting.

#3. Poor Ventilation

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The last time I cooked fish and walked into the kitchen the next morning, that fishy smell was still lingering in the air. This is just to tell you that good ventilation is essential as even the most outstanding kitchen designs can fade in the presence of stinky cooking odors.

Unless you prefer to have a dirty and stale air circulate in your kitchen, I recommend a good ventilation system (and I am not talking about those inexpensive but low-quality range hoods) that can improve your indoor air quality. It will also help to keep your kitchen clean and has the possibility to extend the life of your appliances.

#4. Not Enough Counter Space

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One of the biggest problems faced by many homeowners is the lack of counter space. If you consider all the kitchen activities that need a countertop and also appliances that are located there, you will undoubtedly need a much more open horizontal surface area and one way that you can easily do this is by adding an island or breakfast bar.

#5. Wasted Storage Space

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Typically, kitchens contain a lot of stuff and certain items like food processors or stand mixers require extra space. However, one big kitchen design mistake that is often committed by homeowners is not including enough storage. But this can be avoided with smart kitchen planning. For instance, even for small kitchens, you can consider installing extra-long upper cabinets for additional storage space.

#6. Going Too Trendy

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This is not necessarily a mistake, but opting for the latest kitchen trends and high-tech equipment might not always be the right choice. For example, trendy kitchen colors and designs may come to back to bite you when the fashion changes.

What is your opinion about these common kitchen design mistakes? Please share your comments!


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