Interior Decoration in the Asian Style (Part 1)

The Asian style of interior decoration brings to mind the culture and lifestyle of Asian countries, mainly China and Japan (although the Zen style and the Japanese style are the ones that most identify the latter). The Asian style conveys a feeling of “being there” in another culture and another place. Koi ponds, Wok cooking, and all that will transport us to Asia. Of course, it is necessary to consider some very important factors when creating a decorative scenography to achieve this harmoniously. Asians have managed to turn their homes into a kind of interactive art with which they coexist day after day. If you want to soak up Korea’s decorative styles (from the south, because the extreme north is very hermetic), Japan, China and even Thailand, then read each section carefully in this article. We have compiled the best of each region so that you can create different environments that transport you to these exotic destinations.


Asian Decoration

Natural colours are always used for a simple background and stimulate the quality of life. It is necessary to suggest a sense of geometric order with a minimum of clutter. In this style, the textures used include cedar, rice paper, maple, bamboo, stone, and wicker fabrics. Asian art emphasizes people, and it is the styles of Asian nations. Very intensive use is made of silk textures, tatami rugs and kimonos. At the same time, more or less art is involved depending on the room of the home in which we find ourselves, although Asian art is simple, strong and graphic. The fabrics are natural, in raw colours and without patterns. Black is considered an important colour and is freely used in conjunction with other colours. Its delicacy characterizes the Asian style, and the miniaturization that is used in tissue paper and resistant materials can be used in combination to highlight certain aspects, as is the case with paper screens, which are often used to define space.

However, if we wanted to define Asian decoration within the home with a single word, that word would be minimalist. The Japanese, Chinese and Koreans live with what is necessary. The largest houses (which we are used to in the East) are considered an extreme luxury and, therefore, they tend to be very expensive; And it is that regardless of which of these three main countries you are in, you will notice that people have homes with just enough space. It is not about living tight, as if it were a can of sardines; But the culture promotes one-night capsule hotels and two by two rooms. Of course, with efficient services and in a harmoniously cared environment; where every last detail is considered, from construction to decoration. So, if you want to give your home a more Asian touch that encompasses the three cultures in a certain way, then take note of the following modifications that you must make.


Beauty and Functionality, the Asian Style

There are several key factors that you must take into account if you want to decorate your home with an Asian style. And when we say keys, we refer to elements that should not be missing to create the correct aura within the home. That’s because, in any of the three main Asian cultures, these elements are repeated, they are a constant with small variations, but they are always there.


Your House’s Entrance

As in many other cultures (as in India), footwear does not enter the homes’ floor. That is to say, the shoes you come in from the street are never used to walk around the house. It is a standard of hygiene and etiquette of Asian cultures. But it is not a simple imposition; it is something that, according to the culture, has a more or less important impact on home decoration. For example, there is a space for people to take off and put away their shoes in both China and Korea, and that space is really small.

However, in Japan, this place is known as Genkan, and it is as essential a home environment as the rest. Depending on which Asian style you want to be the dominant one (and if you’re going to remodel or not), you could opt for a convenient and fresh space as in girl or Korea; including a simple chest-high closet that goes up, their guests and those who live in the house can store their shoes. Or, if you prefer, you can include a space dedicated to this welcome “ritual,” creating an environment decorated with pleasant elements, perhaps a plant and even a Zen garden. Of course, if you will include a closet to store your shoes, it will never be higher than above your waist.


Want to know more Asian-inspired interior decoration for the other rooms in your house? Check out the second part of this article!

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