Add Indian Desi Touch to Your Home – Part 2

Despite all the Bollywood movie clichés that tend to defy common sense, we are all DDLJ and Indian cinema fans. And if you want to add that Indian desi touch to your home, all you need are some of the best tips for a perfect Indian home interior design.

Old-School Furniture Style

The more artisanal you choose, the better.”

When it comes to Indian home décor, furniture plays a vital role in enhancing the visual appearance of a space. So, we recommend you furniture made of rustic and ancient materials such as carved noble wood. For the Indian interior design, solid wood furniture is an essential feature that reflects colonial nostalgia and therefore, traditional pieces like curved armrest chairs, wooden chests and footstools are recommended.

If you really want that authentic Indian style, then you can also use pieces of furniture made of oak or walnut wood or those made from trees native to India like the shisham wood. Yeah, I know that I have to explain what is meant by shisham. So, the shisham wood, is one of the finest veneer timbers that is obtained from the Dalbergia sissoo, also known as the Indian Rosewood.

Another alternative is lacquered furniture. Lacquer is a type of modern wood finish that is used on high-end furniture and it can not only protect your furniture but can also facilitate its cleaning and maintenance.

And if you want to find some inspiration for some exotic and oriental style furniture, then you need to watch the Indian classic “Devdas”, which I suggest you not to watch if you can’t bear to see my darling Shah Rukh Khan die, or “Parineeta.”

Add Some Greenery

Don’t worry, I am not asking you to create an indoor garden but rather to add a few plants in your house as they can add a natural and decorative touch to any room with zero added effort. We recommend real plants, but you can also opt for faux plants.

However, it does not end only with plants. This feature gives you the unique opportunity to be creative with planters. For instance, you can make one from scratch and paint it yourself. However, nothing is stopping you from buying readymade ones.

The Quintessential Puja Room



Needless to say, a Puja room is a place where deities, idols and sacred religious texts are kept and used exclusively for prayers and meditation. As you must have observed in most Indian movies and TV soaps, a Puja room is a typical Indian home interior design element. But the most important thing is how it is believed that if there is a prayer room in a house, then the room will automatically start to radiate positive energy throughout your dwelling.

Exotic Additional Objects

This step involves lot of fun as you try to find some unique objects to build your own little Indian kingdom.

  • Vases, statues and idols are the most common objects as the nature of this embellishment revolve more around mystical culture rather than the western one. Hence, you can add figures that represent Indian divinities.
  • Multicolour fabric cushions are perfect for more intimate spaces such as the bedroom.
  • Stylish rugs can be used liberally as they can bring warmth, freshness and comfort in a house.
  • Framed mirrors are an elegant way to add style and sophistication to any space. They can brighten dark rooms and can visually open up a small space. Moreover, as they are not too expensive, they are one of the best decorative elements for an Indian home décor.
  • Add some pendant lamps as they can be highly decorative and functional.
  • Other choices include masks, clay pottery, diyas, leather puppets, ceramics, decorative boxes in sandalwood, brass lamps and pots.

Use Indian Desi Prints for Soft Furnishings

Did you know that India is known for its beautifully made fabrics?

That is why it is recommended to use fine fabrics with dabu or ikat prints for your curtain drapes, sheets and cushions.

So, will you incorporate these elements into your home décor? Please share your comments!

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