7 Ideas for High Ceilings

A piece of furniture with a high ceiling creates a luxurious look and gives you room to decorate your home creatively. It’s wise to take advantage of space with a high ceiling. The room gives you the freedom to add various elements, such as tall statues or plants, lamps, curtains, etc. Tall walls offer you fantastic decorating options and are so beautiful that we want to dedicate an entire article to them. We’re going to show you great ways to create fabulous high ceiling decor. Join us and get inspired by the superb details!

1) Extra Space

Rooms with high walls will open up new decorating possibilities for you. For example, you can omit an intermediate floor, creating a void. It is also possible to lower a part of the ceiling, to make a seating area underneath. This provides some privacy and creates a cozy atmosphere. A false ceiling can even serve as storage space. An expert will be happy to examine with you the advantages of a new look for your interior.

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2) Fun Lighting Plan

Decorating with a high ceiling is a lot of fun. You can take advantage of such ample space by opting for a unique lighting plan. For instance, skylight provide a playful look and can make the room ultra-modern. We also find the brick wall behind the TV to be exceptional. This wall style fits perfectly with the high ceiling concept.

3) Plenty of Room for Art and Culture

Making the most of space with a high ceiling is a piece of cake; an excellent decorating idea is always art. You can buy art in many places: an auction, a brocante or a local artist. A wall full of art is a great way to decorate your home with a high ceiling.

4) More Freedom

With high walls, you can find extraordinary possibilities when it comes to wall design. Stairs, furniture, and possibly statues or plants can be a bit bigger. We once even saw a car as a piece of furniture in a vast room once a factory. The sky is the limit with a high ceiling.

5) Distract

Sometimes the high ceiling is not so desirable; then, it is good to use the space so that the attention is elegantly distracted from the height. This can be done with lighting or furniture.

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6) Hidden Ceilings? Show them!

It is common to discover authentic architectural wonders in many renovations. The false ceilings built years ago have gone out of fashion, and now it is more aesthetic and decorative to showcase those treasures. Wooden beams reappearing in all their splendor or Catalan vaults add character and personality. There is always the possibility of painting it, but that will only make it higher. To make it not so high, it is best to leave it in its natural color.

7) Paint the Ceiling in a Nice Color

Nine out of ten ceilings are white. It’s also a safe choice because, to be fair, painting the ceiling a different color seems risky to many. However, other neutral colors can do a lot with the look of a room. Think light gray, off-white, or taupe. If you want to draw attention, you can also try a dark color, such as dark gray or black. Don’t do this if you already have a low ceiling because it will be even lower optically. Another good idea is to paint the walls the same color. Black walls and a black ceiling can look great. Or choose your favorite color. Green, red, orange, purple, blue? Anything is possible!

Which among these ideas you think would be best for your ceiling? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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