Wall Décor Ideas for Your Home – Part 2

It is said that blank walls can be a complete headache and sometimes create a sense of loneliness. However, this article will bring some fantastic wall décor ideas that will help you to customize your walls and boost your home décor.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

Decorating with mirrors is an artform.

People purchase mirrors not only for their utility but also to appreciate their artistic appearance. Mirrors are striking decorative elements that can create a sense of depth and space in a room. For instance, many believe that placing a mirror in a dining room is like adding a window.

A large mirror with a beautiful decorative frame will not only make your room appear larger, but by reflecting ambient light, it will also brighten the room.


Did you know that a tapestry was considered one of the most expensive forms of arts in the Medieval Europe?

A tapestry is a type of textile art which is traditionally made using a loom. It is usually made up of wool, cotton or linen, but can also include silk, silver and gold. European tapestries are woven to be seen only one side while the Chinese ones, known as Kesi, are created to be seen from both sides. Today, ancient European tapestries are treasured for their impressive and flawless weaving techniques.

If you want to add a rustic or artistic touch to your home décor, then you can go for beautifully woven tapestries that depict landscapes or any other images.


Yes, you saw right! Maps can also be used as a wall décor.

Like mirrors and tapestries, maps also contain artistic meanings as they are symbolic representations based on different elements. World maps are recommended as they are perfect for blank walls. However, if you are a patriot, you can choose a map which narrows down to your home country. But, even if it is a small map, always ensure that the details can be seen.

Additionally, some also prefer wall art map stickers where the graphics can add colour and artistic touch to a room.

If you are a travel-lover, a map will be the perfect wall décor for your house!


Don’t just place your plants near the window, add them to your wall!

A plant wall décor refers to when a wall is used to hang or display different plants types. Nowadays, there are different types of plant wall decors that are readily available. For instance, hanging terrariums are round glass containers that hold some plants, rocks, soil and sand inside. And most importantly, they have a hanging rope which can be used to attach to a wall.

Kokedama is a type of ball made up of soil and covered with moss and has its origins in the Land of the Rising Sun. This old Japanese plant art is also known as the “poor man’s bonsai” and is a no-pot plant. However, only those plants that can grow under part or full shade can be utilized to make the kokedama like ferns and ivy. It is also noted that the kokedama needs to be watered regularly.


What if instead of throwing out your calendars at the end of the year, you could use them as a wall décor?

You can stick large calendars of previous years on your wall, mark important and memorable events that occurred so as you can remember them or use calendars of the current year to keep track of current and future events.

Bikes on Walls

If you are a bike-lover or have an assorted collection of this two-wheeler, using bikes as a wall décor is also a modern trend. You can create a cool and stylish wall mounting system for your bike. It will be an eye-catching focal point for your visitors as it is a unique type of wall décor. 

However, make sure your kids do not play with these wall-mounted bikes as it can be really dangerous.

Do you think that these wall décor ideas are enough to spark your creativity and interest? Please share your comments!

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