Wall Décor Ideas for Your Home

Nobody likes blank walls in their house and there are various ways in which these empty walls can be decorated. No matter your style, this compilation of amazing wall décor ideas that will transform and enhance your house’s look is well worth a read.

Choose Basic Paint

From a psychological point of view, colours play an essential role in affecting our moods and energy levels. They are a type of non-verbal communication that depicts our personalities and preferences. Different colours can set different tones and evoke different feelings. Let’s have a look at the examples of wall colours listed below:

  • Warm colours: Warm colours include red, orange and yellow. Red is the most stimulating colour, representing confidence, passion, excitement and energy. Orange is a vibrant colour that can stimulate appetite, while yellow is simply known as the colour of happiness.
  • Cool colours: Research shows that blue, a cool and soothing colour representing the sky, can lower blood pressure and slow down the heart rate. Green is a colour which is connected with nature and symbolizes harmony and stability. Purple is another cool colour that represents royalty, luxury and also creativity.
  • Neutral Colours: Neutral colours consist of white, black, grey and brown. Brown is connected with the earth and symbolizes simplicity and comfort while grey is a classic colour that can be combined with some warm colours. White is another neutral colour that depicts youth and cleanliness and can create a cosy atmosphere. On the other hand, black stands for mystery and power and is best used in small quantities.

Choose Wall Murals and Paintings

Have you ever seen a wall mural? It can be defined as a piece of artwork that is either painted or applied on a wall surface. The origins of murals can be traced back to the Paleolithic era in the form of cave paintings. Moreover, murals have also been found within the ancient Egyptian tombs.

Nowadays, murals are becoming more and more popular as they can transform a room’s mood and add visual interest to any dull space. The most basic ways to incorporate murals are by painting them directly on the walls or using plasters. However, today, murals are also being coated with a varnish to ensure their longevity and protection.

Choose Wall Sculptures

If you do not want to add pictures or paintings as wall décor, then why don’t you go for wall sculptures?

A wall sculpture is a type of sculpture that is carved upon a wall surface and that can add a visual depth to your wall. A wall sculpture can easily capture the attention of people and can evoke their inner emotions.

Due to their real and three-dimensional properties, wall sculptures can appear as if they are popping right off your walls and undoubtedly improve the décor of both your wall and room. Some of the most famous wall sculptures of the 21st century include faux deer head, faux flat shark wall décor, Ivorian mask sculptures and so on.

Choose Wall Posters

Wall posters are used extensively in dorm rooms and cinemas. However, posters can also be applied as a wall décor for home interiors. They are usually made up of thin paper which makes them easy to roll and store away when not in use. If you want to prevent your wall poster from being damaged and last for a really long time, it is recommended to frame it.

There are different types of wall posters that are inexpensive and readily available. For instance, no need to say what type of wall poster you would buy if you are an Avengers fan or a Harry Potter fan. Many people can also purchase posters of their favourite musicians or actors and use them as a wall décor.

Among these wall décor ideas, which one would you choose? Please share your comments and don’t forget to come back for part 2 to discover some more interesting ideas.

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