Inspirational Touch to Your Home Decorations – Part 2

“Every homeowner wants peace and harmony in their house and Buddhist-inspired home décors will reflect a person’s spirituality and bring a positive flow of energy in a house.”

Are you a religious person looking for some inspirational religious decorations? If yes, here’s some suggestions!

Buddhism Home Decorations

#1. Buddha Statue

Peace. Every person wants to have peace in their household and Buddha statues are one of the icons which represent peace and harmony. Nowadays, Buddha statues have become very popular home décor elements, however, there are some dos and don’ts while placing these in your home.

  • At the Entrance:

One should always place a Buddha statue at the entrance of a home. When facing the front door, it will attract positive energy and allow ‘chi’ to flow freely. What is chi? It refers to the energy of life which consists of an equilibrium between Yin and Yang. Usually, the type of statue chosen is the pose of Buddha seated with a hand raised as a blessing gesture and this represents two things. Firstly, it symbolizes protection as it repels negative evil forces and secondly keeps out fear and brings peace.

However, remember that you should never place the statue on the floor and instead, it should be set on a table.

  • In the living room:

The living room is where most people invite their family members, friends and guests. So, the living room needs to have a serene ambiance and this can only be achieved with a Buddha statue. For instance, it is recommended to use the Laughing Buddha in a living room.

The Laughing Buddha is called Ho Tai in Chinese. Actually, it does not represent the Gautama Buddha but rather a Chinese monk who lived over one thousand years ago. He was a jolly man who liked children a lot. Many said that he was the Eastern version of Santa Claus. Due to his benevolent nature, he was associated with Buddha and is therefore worshiped as one of the Seven Gods of Fortune in Japan.

The Ho Tai statue is said to bring wealth, prosperity and fortune to a house. It can also drive away your sadness and bring abundant joy to a household.

  • In the Study Area

In the 21st century, educational achievement is a must. Placing a Buddha statue in your child’s study room will bring positive energy and create a calm and soothing atmosphere. The presence of a Buddha statue on a desk or on a wall shelf will lower the level of stress and anxiety faced by children during the period of exams.

The Bhumisparsha Buddha statue is highly recommended in the study area of the house. It is a pose where Buddha sits with his left hand in his lap and his right hand in the earth touching gesture. This statue represents the moment of enlightenment of Buddha, when the demon Mara tried to distract and scare him, but he overcame the temptation and touched the ground to summon the goddess of the earth. This statue can be placed in a kid’s study room as it symbolises eternal knowledge and can help a child to achieve academic goals.

  • In the Kitchen

The kitchen is often a place where family members gather and sit together to have meals. So, this place needs some positive energy and placing a small Buddha Statue in any corner of the kitchen will bring spiritual and cosmic energy that can improve people’s quality of life.

  • In Prayer Room

For all those who have a prayer room in their homes, don’t forget the meditating Buddha statues!

Many of us pray to attain inner peace. A meditating Buddha statue can be paired with some candles or incense sticks to create the perfect atmosphere for a meditation or prayer.

  • In the Garden

Placing a Buddha statue in your garden will help create a relaxed atmosphere. However, you must always place the statue near a water body or flowering plants.

#2. Thangka Paintings

Thangka refers to a type of classical Buddhist painting that originated in Nepal during the 7th century. It usually consists of the painting of a Buddhist deity or mandala on a silk canvas and this painting can be placed anywhere in the house.

#3. Buddha Wall Art

Nowadays, there are many framed wall arts depicting Buddha which is printed on waterproof canvas and can be easily placed in the rooms of your house. These wall arts can energise the atmosphere and allow positive energy to flow in your home.

Buddhism is a non-theistic religion that depicts moral discipline and these Buddhist-inspired décor items can bring a change to your house. Do you believe in it? Will you let Gautama Buddha in your house? Please share your comments!

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