Different Types of Rugs for Your Home

Rugs are one of the most useful decorative items. Their most important feature is that they dress any room with elegance, but they also convey a sense of warmth, provide thermal insulation, and are a solution to mark out spaces. For this reason, when choosing a rug, it is necessary to consider the style, colors, and pattern and the type of fabric, the size, which depends on the location and other properties. Here are some tips to help you choose the most suitable rug for your home!

What Is Your Rug Style?

The first thing to do when choosing a rug is to consider the layout of the room. Make it suitable for furniture, upholstery, and curtains. If the other textiles are printed, choose a smooth one so as not to overload the room. If plain fabrics predominate, you can continue with the same simple line or choose a floral motif with geometric shapes.

If you want to multiply the brightness, choose a fluffy rug in a neutral, light, and soft hue, which enhances the light and the spaciousness and warmth.

Another option is the colored rugs. It’s incredible how the color of a rug can change any room. Warm tones convey comfort and energy, while so-called “cold” tones, such as blue, green, or lilac, make environments more relaxed. Light, neutral colors add space to the room but keep in mind that they also become dirtier.

Which Material?

This factor depends on the use and the budget you have. Rugs with natural fibers are more classic and valuable, so they are perfect for adding a new touch to any space.

1) Cotton

Rugs made of this material are comfortable and functional. They fit perfectly in an informal environment and rooms such as the nursery, bathroom, or dressing room. Because they are so cool, they are also ideal for the summer months. The only thing to keep in mind is that the low weight requires you to put an anti-slip base underneath.

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2) New Materials

Plastic materials such as PVC, polyethylene, or vinyl are also a trend. These types of carpets are resistant to stains and humidity. They are very suitable for spaces in the home, such as the kitchen. They are also one of the best outdoors because they don’t get damaged when exposed to the sun or rain. Besides, they come in various shapes and colors.

3) Natural Materials

Today, you can find rugs made of materials that enhance the décor of your home and respect the environment. For instance, the traditional esparto rugs are combined with sisal, coconut, jute, bamboo, wood, seaweed, and even woven paper, with a beautiful finish. Their only disadvantage is that they are sensitive to friction and, therefore, less durable.

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4) Wool

Woolen rugs have become one of the most widely used in interior design. They are warm and very decorative. A good example is oriental rugs, such as beni ouarain, characterized by their black or brown geometric patterns on a beige or cream background.

5) Kilim Rugs

They are the most famous oriental carpets, but unlike ouarain, they are made of cotton, wool, silk, or animal hair mixed with wool. They are woven flat and much lighter. The most typical ones have a geometric shape and a very characteristic striking color, with brown and reddish shades being the main protagonists. Of course, you have to make sure you put a non-slip gauze at the bottom to prevent them from moving.

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Which among these different types of rug you think would be best for your space? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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