Inspirational Touch to Your Home Decorations

A house’s decorations reflect a person’s character, personality and spirituality. Are you a religious person and would love to add a religious-themed décor to your living spaces?

If yes, here’s an insight into a world of inspirational religious decorations that you can add to your home.

Christian Decorations

1. Bible Verse Wall Sticker

If you are tired of seeing your children’s scribbling on the walls, opt for bible verse wall stickers!

Beautiful and stylish, bible verse wall stickers will remind you of God’s promises and will also add an inspirational and spiritual touch to your house. You can choose your favourite verse and stick it on the walls of your house. For instance, one famous bible verse that is preferred by many Christians is Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Bible verse wall stickers are usually chosen based on your spiritual belief and need.

Where do you stick them?

Good question! Some like to place bible wall stickers in their bedroom so as they are the first things they see when they wake up, while others like them better in their living rooms where even guests can have a look at and be touched by the spiritual feel in the house. If you want your children to grow and follow in your footsteps, then these bible verse wall stickers can also be applied in children’s bedrooms.

Moreover, bible verse wall stickers are not expensive and are easy to apply on walls. They are waterproof and moisture -resistant. They can be used and removed at any time without leaving any marks. So, rest assured, you won’t have to face any ugly or stained walls if you decided to remove the wall stickers.

2. Divine Ornaments

Do your shelves at home look plain and empty? Let me tell you what’s missing – a spiritual and sacred ornament such as Jesus Christ’s decorative ornament.

Nowadays, there is a significant range of personalised Christian home ornaments that are readily available. For example, one ornament could include a figurine of Jesus Christ with two baskets of bread and fish, representing His miracle of multiplying food and feeding the 4000 people. Another figurine could consist of Jesus Christ on the cross.

These unique and holy ornaments help to make the atmosphere of your house a peaceful one and bring a flow of positive energy in your home.

3. Christian Cushions

Women and youngsters widely use Christian cushions. These cushions can either include bible verses or personalised words and phrases such as “I love Jesus Christ.” Some cushions also consist of inspirational images like the Last Supper or the crucifixion of Jesus. These pillows can be placed anywhere from bedrooms to living rooms.

Furthermore, it is noted that when you hold and embrace pillows, it can relieve stress. Oxytocin, also known as the ‘cuddle hormone’, is a hormone released when we hug. Hence, hugging a Christian-themed pillow will not only reduce your level of stress but will also remind you of God’s promise in your life.

4. Christian-Themed Photo Frames

Pictures represent special and unique moments of your life that you were able to capture. They can be about a wedding, anniversary or graduation and a photo frame will undoubtedly help you remember these cherished moments.

However, did you that you could make these captured moments become more memorable and unique?

How you ask?

With Christian-themed photo frames! The colourful frames will include a bible verse or a personalised faith-based words or phrases. For instance, you can place a picture of your family vacation in a photo frame with the line “May God bless my family” and this family photo frame can be placed in the living room.

Will you customise your home with these inspirational home decorations? Please share your comments!

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