Decorating a Room for a 10 Year Old

I still remember the day when my sisters and I decided to gift our little sister, her own bedroom when she turned 10. For us, it was a milestone she achieved as she was growing up into a well-mannered child. At that time, her obsession was Pokemon and especially Pikachu, so we decorated the room according to the Pokemon universe. We created a space for her, where she could play and grow and gain a fun-learning experience. For some people, it may look as challenging as the child may seem irritated to shift rooms nor do they want these babyish decors in their bedrooms.

So why not, go for a functional room that your child will love both for now and years to come! If you are in need of advice, I am here with a healthy dose of inspiration of how you need to decorate your 10 year old’s room.

Keep it simple – For a child’s room, it is better to have less. Keep the décor simple and furnishings to a minimum, so that you can create more space and a neutral canvas which can be used later on. Keep everything so simple that they don’t feel alienated in their own room. Make sure that every item is kept within the reach of your child, to make them feel independent. You can go for a minimalist décor.

Design a child-friendly space – Go for a room with the design that will make your child wander, for example you can set up a tent in the room, to create a camping scene. Separate the room into places – for study, to play and to sleep. Add some boxes to keep the toys after the play time is done.

Make room for more – Kids have an abundance of imagination and magic than most adults have, so give them some room where they could be free to explore those areas. Add the touch of something enchanting when it comes to creating unlimited imaginative stuffs. You can finish it up with some fairy lights.

Create space for your child – Make sure that the room you choose is big enough to accommodate all the space that your child is going to take up. To gain some space, why not go for a bunk bed with the lower part turned into a study table or dressing. For the other spaces, then you can create a play zone that can be converted later on.

Have a storage twice the size – Whether or not, the room is going to be full of toys every now and then and it is going to double as they grow up. It is better to choose some storage facilities, that will permit the child to choose his/her clothes without any help or choose his/her toys. Get a princess-inspired double closet to expand your storage potential.

Add colors – It is important when it comes to decorating a room, colors are vital! Most kids love colors and adding some brightness to their lives wouldn’t be bad as long as it is some colors that they won’t regret when they start to grow up. Yes, repainting is an option, but it is better to look for a long-term solution. You can choose furniture of different colors to add some colors to their room.

Add patterns and textures – Adding these to a child’s room will make the room look cozier and add a sense of balance and divide the room in the places that matters.

Get the study table ready – Create a kid-friendly space for your child by providing a place to color and create beauties that will help in their development. The study table can later be used as a part of workspace where they can do some “adulting.” Keep the transition in the smoothest way possible not to create a confusion for the kid or anyone else.

To conclude, decorating a room for a ten year old can also be done according to themes that will make them love the rooms.

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