The Best Houseplants for Your Living Room

When we are in the middle of nature, we get a feeling of unparalleled tranquillity, which is why it is a good idea to take a small piece in the house. We can all appreciate the beauty of a vase of flowers as part of a room’s decor. Its presence alone can liven up space. Here are seven plants that you can incorporate in your house’s living room and create a cozy area.

1) Ferns

Regarding the size of the room and if you are lucky enough to have large windows, you can choose plants that need light, such as those with long leaves that collect more water and do not dry quickly. For a room with little natural light, such as ferns or raffia palm, they are best suited; these plants do not need special care. Ferns are plants that grow perfectly in a dark environment, and you can make different designs: suspended from the ceiling, a green wall, etc. This is a plant that will fill the room with life.

2) Bromelia

Bromelia is a perfect plant for a room with little lighting. This plant should not be placed near windows since direct sunlight can burn the leaves. It also needs to be watered regularly every two days.

3) Raffia Palm

This plant has long and thin stems, similar to those of bamboo. The slow-growing raffia palm tree has an oriental inspiration and, at the same time, gives a tropical touch to the decoration of the room. To take good care of it, keep it out of the rays of the sun and water it weekly.

4) Dracena

It is considered a strong plant because it survives with very little light and supports dry air well. It is essential to wait until the soil is well dry before watering. You can achieve a refined and elegant atmosphere by placing the dracena behind a bench with directional light.

5) Orchids

Because it is a very delicate and elegant plant, it combines perfectly with any decorative style. These plants can instantly add a new touch to your living room.

6) Lucky Bamboo

According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, lucky bamboo is a plant that attracts good energies and therefore, it is worth having it in your room. You have to be careful with watering it frequently, so it always looks nice.

7) Peace Lily

The peace lily, also known as the spathiphyllum, is one of the best ornamental plants to decorate a room. Its glossy leaves and unusual white spoon-shaped flowers add style to any room in your home, especially living rooms.

It is a decorative plant that only needs moderate sunlight, although it does flower best when exposed to a lot of light. You could say that it is an elegant shade plant. Remember to let the soil dry before watering it again.

8) Zamioculca

The Zamioculca or ZZ plant has shiny, waxy-looking leaves, making it a plant that can be used to decorate any corner of your living room. It is ideal for those who live in an apartment because it tolerates interiors with little light.

The care of the zamioculca is not demanding. Being a shade plant, it does not require as much water. This plant survives in dry environments.

9) Spider Plant

Although it looks like an artificial decorative plant at first glance, the spider plant is one of the plants best seen on hanging baskets because of its long leaves. Its small seedlings that form can be planted to make new baby plants. It should be watered more regularly in summer, and the soil should remain moist to the touch. On the other hand, in winter, not much water is needed, and the soil should be dry between waterings.

Which among these plants you think would look best in your living room? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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