Tips to Hang Your Artwork in the Bedroom

Hanging a painting on the house walls can help give an extra touch to the furniture and make the environment around you more personal. This is a discourse that applies to all rooms of the house, although with different criteria. The correct location (and choice) of paintings for the bedroom is essential to make the room’s decor more pleasant. Below are tips and tricks on how best to act without making mistakes.

Your taste will prevail for the bedroom, as it is a more intimate and “your” space. Remember, however, also to properly position it. If you make a mistake, in any case, you will be able to remove the painting and carefully remove the nail from the wall, so do not worry! But to avoid leaving unsightly marks on the wall, here are all the best ideas and the most practical tips for hanging your favorite paintings on the walls.

Where to Hang a Picture in the Room

Each bedroom has a perfect wall to hang the right picture. In a room where walls are already largely covered, the wardrobe can act as one to hang pictures. Other areas you may use include the dresser and mirrors. Another alternative would be to place the main image above the headboard and other less essential and smaller decorations on the sidewalls, such as on a table or the side of drawers. You should then carefully evaluate the available space and the possible position with the furniture and the light.

What to Hang on the Walls

There are many kinds of paintings and other items to hang on the wall above the bed in your room. Let’s discover the most original of them together.

1) Painting

As for real paintings, the choice is extensive because there are no exact rules. Avoid choosing too dark colors if you don’t want a dull atmosphere or too light since the bedroom’s mood should always be relaxing. Paints, dyes, and drawings are elements that should be decided according to your tastes and needs, but you should remember that everything should be combined with the rest of the room and the whole house. Between landscapes, nature, and abstract works, all choices are beautiful with various frames available.

2) Photos, Prints, or Posters

You can also hang framed photos, various prints, or posters. It is an excellent way to always have with you, the most precious love, or your favorite photos. Movie posters are also trendy. The fun option is to hang it all up by creating different compositions of different shapes or print it all out in black and white to make the atmosphere more classic and elegant. Again, the choice depends on the rest of the room’s decor and, above all, on you. This way, it will also be easier to save money, because it is quite economical.

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3) Tapestry or Batik

You can also have paintings that are made out of fabric. In addition to the tapestry, even batik will give a pleasant mood to the room used for rest. This is a technique of dyeing fabrics, especially lightweight, as well as silk. It is an ethnic shade, suitable for everyone, but mostly for young people.

4) Ethnic or Scenic Decor

Even a painting decorated with wood or iron can make the atmosphere ethnic and unique; the carving, moreover, is useful in both classical and modern styles. Another touch can be given to a painting you can create yourself. There are many colors on the market and all the necessary elements for painting and applying different colors (even with a sponge or spatula).

Have you got any other interesting ways in mind to hang paintings? Please share it with us in the comments below!

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