15 Extraordinary Uses of Bubble Wrap Around Your House You Probably Didn’t Know About

If you think the only thing you can do with bubble wrap is to blow it up to release stress, get ready for a surprise because there are so many other ways to use it! This material is so practical that there is even a thank you day for it. We at MyHomeId love learning useful new tricks, so we created this selection to share with you.



#1. Cake Decoration

You can make a perfect cake decoration with bubble wrap. 

Spread melted chocolate on a clean piece of this material and wrap it around the cake. When the chocolate hardens, remove the wrapper. You can make this decoration a little taller to hold the icing cream.


#2. Window insulation

Lower your heating bill by using this material as window insulation. Just squirt some water on it and stick the bubble side material onto the glass. It is also effortless to disassemble and replace. 


#3. Padded clothes hangers

You can use this trick to prevent your pants from wrinkling. Just wrap a piece of bubble wrap around the base of a regular clothes hanger and tape it down.


#4. Extend the life of your tools

Does your husband compulsively buy tools? I imagine how you must have the garage! To keep all your devices looking like new, just line the box to keep them with bubble wrap. Wrap a package in bubble wrap to protect your tools. Keep the wrap in place with duct tape. The cushioning will help these items last longer. Easy right?


#5. Cover the cracks in the windows

As time passes and exposure to rain and heat, the windows generate cracks through which air leaks, and in winter, this is a problem. Guess who fixes it? Sure, bubble wrap. Cut it to fit and glue it to the window with duct tape.


#6. Protect Outdoor Plants 

Protect your plants from freezing temperatures by wrapping them in bubble wrap. As we have already said, this material is an excellent insulator, so it will keep them warm.


#7. Calendar

Every day you pop a bubble, and voila! This will also help you reduce stress.


#8. To store your shoes.

Bubble wrap can help you keep your shoes in good condition. Place a piece of this rolled material on each of your shoes to help them hold their shape. Roll up longer pieces to keep your tall boots upright.


#9. Camping

If you like camping, you can use this material to make a mat under your sleeping bag. So everything will be much more comfortable! The bubble wrap works as a good cushion for the body, and it will also keep you dry.


#10. Prepare your food and drinks for a picnic.

Like we said earlier, bubble wrap is an excellent insulation material, and it can be used with hot or cold food and drinks. Just wrap them in a piece of this material, and voila!


#11. Aid for the car windshield

Put bubble wrap on your car’s windshield before a winter storm, and you won’t have to worry about removing any frost that could form on it.


#12. Handbags

If you don’t use a bag regularly, it can start to lose its shape. Put some of this material inside and keep it upright.


#13. Groceries

There’s nothing worse than finding half-melted ice cream when you get home, so this trick will help you avoid that. Bubble wrap is excellent insulation, which will help you keep your food hot or cold. Simply wrap your grocery bags in this material before use.


#14. Holidays and moving

Use bubble wrap to wrap fragile items that can break, so you can make sure you transport your treasures safely.


#15. Protect the windshield 

Are you tired of removing ice from your windshield every day and going through so much work to do it? Here came bubble wrap to the rescue! Just place a piece of this plastic on the windshield the night before, and the next day all you have to do is remove it and protect the glass! Isn’t it cool? 



Have you learned anything new from this article? What trick are you going to do first? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to share these ideas with your friends and family.


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