Things You Need to Make Your Room Cozier for Fall

Ah fall is finally here! With the season of trees shedding their leaves and the weather becoming more cool, there is one thing that I’ve always wanted and that is decorating my room to make it cozier. Well, there is no specific reason, but I prefer when my room is cozy during fall and winter and free during the spring and summer. There are plenty of easy changes you can make to turn your room into a cozy and welcoming space that you will love to spend the day. So here are some of my favorite ideas, that you will surely love having.

1. Winter-ify your bedding.

Chances are your bed is the biggest (and most visually impactful) thing in your bedroom, so switching out your bedding will have a huge effect on the feel of the room. My personal favorite is linen bedding — all that lovely texture is hard to beat — but flannel sheets or a velvet coverlet will also do the trick.

2. Or pile up your bed with a big, fluffy comforter and pillows in stark white.

So I know this completely contradicts the advice in #1 above… but another way to get the cozy look you crave is to dress up your bed in a big, fluffy comforter and lots of cushy pillows, all in white. Volume is the most important part of this look — you want to make your bed look like something you could sink into. And all that white will catch the winter sunlight and give your bedroom a nice glow.

3. Add a fur throw (or a big chunky knit blanket).

Nothing says “cozy” quite like curling up under a big, heavy blanket. A fur (or faux fur) throw, draped over the bed, will add instant coziness and texture to your bedroom. Or try a big, chunky knit blanket — lately I am sort of obsessed with these things. Etsy has plenty of appealing options, of you can make your own.

4. Cozify your lighting.

Lighting makes such a huge difference in the feel of a space. Get ready for fall by adding some low, soft lighting to your bedroom — a bedside lamp with a low-watt bulb (40 or lower) is a good place to start. Be sure to pick bulbs with warm tones, too.

5. Layer rugs on rugs.

Because if one rug is cozy, two rugs are double cozy. Choose contrasting textures or patterns so the look isn’t too matchy-matchy. (This would be a great job for an IKEA sheepskin, like the one shown above.)

6. Embrace a mix of textures all over.

Rugs, throw pillows, curtains — anything that adds softness and texture will make your bedroom a more pleasant place to hunker down.

7. Add a little dark.

It’s hard to say why this is (maybe because it reminds us of the womb?) but dark colors = cozy. Cozy up your bedroom by adding bedding or curtains in a dark color… or if you’re feeling extra bold, paint the whole room.

8. Hang a Wreath

Fall wreaths bring all the charm of the autumn season indoors, often incorporating traditional fall staples like colorful leaves and berries. Wreaths make beautiful statement pieces when hung on a bedroom wall. You can even arrange a few of them artfully over your headboard for some added autumn flavor.

9. Choose stylish storage

The first thing most people don’t think of is storage especially when it comes to preparing your bedroom for fall, you got to consider some right storage which can bring some order to your seasonal room. Drawing inspiration from harvest markets and cozy cottages, fall storage are woven baskets and wooden crates, because these are beautiful and totally complements the room while keeping blankets and pillows off sight.

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